8 Months, Little Lady

Wow. We only have FOUR months until Autumn is one year old! Mind blown.

For now, we are enjoying every second with this little eight month old! Ok, maybe not every second since she has some wicked teeth coming in, two to be exact. Poor baby! Even then, I love every second of her!
She's SO silly and loves 'dancing' while you hold her!
The stats...

Weight: She's at 16.78 lbs as of last week when we took her to the doctor. She still hasn't doubled her birth weight.
Free entertainment
Height: This is where I get extremely confused. We'd been taking her to one doctor and the last measurement was 28.5 inches. When they measured her at the new doctors she was coming in at 26  inches! A whole 2.5 inches off. WHAT?! I haven't had time to measure her myself so who knows. At any rate, she is stretching out so much!

Sleep: There was a really awesome period where she was sleeping straight thru until 7am. Then her cold happened and concurrently so did teething and jacked everything up. She's been waking up at least once and then up for the day around 6. Last night, she woke up at 11:30 and Ernest put her to bed with just her diaper and turned off her fan and she slept til 7! The (naked) magic charm?! Aside from the bad teething days, she's been napping like a champ! We finally started sleep training and it continues to go well. Unless there are too many distraction, like when her aunt and cousin watched her last Friday and she just wanted to party.
Saturday 6am slumber party. Sooooo sleepy still!

Eating: this post should just be called 'teething sucks' because its pretty much put a wrench in everything, including eating. There have been some times where she is just too fussy or grumpy to want to eat. Somehow she always feels fine for HappyPuffs though, hmmmm. We introduced peaches and butternut squash to the mix. We tried carrots again and she hates them! Along with peas and green beans, not a fan at all! She fake gags on them and then does her fake cough. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

Clothes: Mostly in 6 month but transitioning into 6-9 or 9 month stuff. The 9 month is still too big but they'll fit her soon enough. She has the best summer closet! I'd be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of her closet, lol.

Activity: Busy as ever! You cannot sit this little girl down without her getting into everything. She loves to grab anything...hair, necklaces, remotes, phones, straws, etc. She is this.close to crawling but just sits there and rocks. Mostly because her preferred mode of transportation is rolling. Yes, rolling. If you put her on one end of the room she'll roll herself all the way to the other. It's hilarious! She loves to scream, squeal, yell!
Daddy trying to help her crawl
Social: We went to her cousins graduation party last Saturday where she got to meet a bunch of extended family for the first time. We also got to meet her little cousin Peyton who's about 3 months younger. Autumn had some serious jealousy issues when Ernest was holding Peyton. She did not like it one bit!! But she did like to steal her little play cell phone and all her toys! We're hoping to get a swim playdate in soon! I'm still hopeful Autumn will like her pool someday. I think it's more of a water temperature issue. Luckily Peyton's mama keeps their pool like bathwater for the babes!
She was so jealous of cute little Peyton and kept putting her feet on her! Stinker!
Playing with Grandpa E
These little ladies are SO cute!

Dislikes: Having her face cleaned! She makes the silliest, craziest noises when we do it. Green foods. When I leave the room. Getting dressed. Other than that, she is one happy baby!

Health: I don't know how much her cold was actually a cold and how much of it was teething. I read that all the extra drool causes a cough. Either way, she's had major teething symptoms...cough, drool, grumpy, sleepless, etc. 
This is how she rolls...Rambo style
Milestones: Again, two teeth. I think this is a pretty big milestone for her! I would get a million teeth if it meant she didn't have to feel so bad. Poor baby :( The teeth are just poking through the gums now. I can't wait to see that toothless grin to have some pearly whites!We didn't even know she was teething, just assumed it was her cold. I had been checking her mouth daily for teeth, nothing Saturday, then Sunday my mom said 'do you know she has two teeth??' Whaaaaat? And yup, two little stinkers popping out of her gums. And those suckers are sharp!! Am I the only one who thinks teeth are freakin weird?! Seriously, one day they're all toothless and all gums then BAM sharp, foreign objects just hanging out in your mouth!
The day the teeth came in.
This weekend she'll get some quality time with D-A-D since I'll be busy working on a photoshoot for jem cakes, which you can read more about here.

Happy Thursday!

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