Happy Baby Daddy Day and a weekend recap.

I don't know why, but I love saying 'baby daddy'?! LOL. But seriously, we had a great Father's Day!! I'm a little slow to posting because our internet decided to take a crap dive on Friday. I spent an eternity on the phone with Comcast, went to get a new modem Saturday and the line was ridiculous! People were camping out on the floor! After another hour long chat session with them yesterday, our new modem should be here in a few days. Comcast is seriously horrible to deal with #cantstandthem. In the meantime, I have to sneak in a few minutes here and there at work to post anything. Anyways...
She was making some weird noise here.
Saturday Ernest took my car to have his Dad fix it. It's almost paid off so naturally I would need new rotors  and a new filter. But now it's in tip-top shape! Since he had my car, I had to drive his gargantuan truck to do some errands. One of which was dropping off Jack at the groomers. It was by far my worst idea yet. I'm climbing in the giant truck (which I practically need a step stool to get into to), I have to grab Autumn out of her car seat. Jack is going ape shit by this point because he knows where we are. I pull him out of his kennel with one hand and he almost tumbles out of the truck and escapes. I'm trying to climb down from the truck with a baby on one arm and a frantic dog in the other hand. Did I mention it was 90 degrees by this point? I was sweating my ass off by the time I even got into the place and then Jack really started going wild. The girl handed me a clipboard of stuff to fill out and I just gave her this look like 'really?!'. Poor girl. I asked her to take Jack and then I was finally able to finish everything else. It was a complete shit show. I needed a nap after that.
Fresh from the groomers. Well worth the hassle!
Instead of a nap, we went antiquing for a wooden high chair. We saw a lot of great things but not a single high chair. My MIL found one and it was a little rickety but I think I may need to snap it up before I can't find one at all! Then we went to this Asian fusion restaurant. Autumn was tired when we got there and just got progressively more cranky. She did learn how to drink out of a straw though! Such a big girl! She also ate some rice! I ate...nothing. She was soooo wiggly and only wanted me to hold her. Oh well. There was a really cute children's store by this restaurant with THE cutest stuff! I could have bought everything but resisted and only bought her a blankie. These Aden and Anais muslin blankets are the best! This pattern we got was super cute and these are thin and breathable so she can stuff it over her face (she loves doing this) and still be able to breath.

On Baby Daddy Day, our first gift to Ernest was, letting him sleep in. Which worked out perfectly because Autumn and I got up bright and early and headed to my parents house. There we had breakfast, my parents visited with Autumn and then my grandparents came by too. It had been a few months since they'd last seen Autumn! How time flies.
Happy Fathers Day Dad and Grandpa!
No baby, I don't want a side of foot with my eggs
She thought banging on the window and playing peek-a-boo with Grandma was hilarious!
We picked up Ernest at home where he dove right into his donut tower (he LOVED IT!). Then we headed to a BBQ at his grandparents house.
Photobombed by Autumn!
He LOVED his FoxGram pictures!
Before we headed in, I snapped these lovely pictures of my two favorites. She was not quite as excited to take pictures because we woke her up from her nap, poor boo. We had a good time as usual filling our tummy's with awesome food and then sprawling out on the grass to take a million pictures of Autumn.
Before we went home, we went to the store to get Ernest a new phone case for his new phone. Sometimes we get each other the lamest gifts, but that's what he wanted. I guess it was better than a car jack! Haha!
I had bought everything to make a hot dog bar but we were both so stuffed from lunch that we veto'd it and went to bed early instead. Another day. We had such a great day and I think Ernest had a great Fathers Day too. I thank my lucky stars every day that he is in our lives. He is our rock, our source of endless giggles, my sanity, Autumn's silly monster, our happy place and our everything! We love you Ernest!

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