How not to end the weekend

We had a great Sunday of celebrating Gigi's (Autumn's Great-Grandma who gave herself this name, lol) birthday. We had lunch then watched Autumn crawl all around their living room. I wanted to see if we could find the antique wooden high chair so we went to the antique shop. Unfortunately it had already sold. NOOOO! Oh well, the search continues.
We got home and did some much needed cleaning. My portion was done and Autumn and I were going to go for a walk. Ernest was trying to fix one leaf of our glass shower door that had been stuck for weeks. It fell off the track and he was trying to get it back on then all of a sudden CRASH!

The.entire.glass.shower.door.shattered. Ernest was just frozen in his tracks as were Autumn and I. There was a huge plume of white dust so once the shock wore off I ran Autumn out of the room and put her in the walker (where she immediately started screaming) and ran back to help Ernest. I had to chase Jack out of the room too and was running around trying to get brooms and dust pans. Ernest just stopped in his tracks again and said 'Oh shit!'. He had blood dripping down his hands and arms (how he didn't notice this before is beyond me)! The glass had broken all over him and cut him in a million different places. It was awful. Luckily it was tempered glass and broke into millions of pieces rather than huge shards of glass.We were stuck in the bathroom not wanting to track little pieces of glass throughout the house. Ernest, like a crazy person, helped me clean up all the glass before he cleaned himself up. It took us what felt like forever to clean up. Meanwhile, our little person was going absolutely crazy downstairs. Like we had just left her on the fire station steps. Poor babe. But there was nothing to be done aside from cleaning up the glass. I was freaking out from all the blood (that he was seriously hurt) but we continued to get it all cleaned up. Ernest had the brilliant idea to vacuum his arms and hands to get out all the glass. I know, stupid idea but it worked.

Finally he cleaned himself up and luckily it wasn't as bad as it looked. He definitely has a million little cuts everywhere but nothing too deep or too severe. We mopped the floor then cleaned it by hand. We're still finding pieces of glass. That bathroom will definitely not be used for a while until we get it cleaned up more (which may take forever), replace the glass door and buy all new rugs! I had just bought new bathroom rugs but we had to throw them all out because there was glass all over them. It would have been impossible to get all the glass out. Sad :( Guess I'm going shopping though!
I'm loving this Crate and Barrel bathroom!
So that was our very exciting Sunday night. When I was finally able to get Autumn, she was so upset and exhausted from crying. I felt so bad but there was no way we could have her up there with all that glass, Ernest couldn't get her with all the cuts and I had to clean up. It was a bad situation all around but we're so thankful it was tempered glass! Now the search for a new door and some new bathroom linens is on!

The rest of the weekend was much less eventful. Thankfully! Friday, Autumn and I went feather headband shopping at Hobby Lobby. I've seem some seriously adorable feather headbands on Etsy but just couldn't justify spending the $45 on them. So instead, I decided to try making some myself. The feather selection was slim pickings but we made due with what they had.
Since she was already asleep when I finished them, I had to try them out myself. I totally want one! I wonder if I could pull it off, hmm....
Saturday was mostly running around, browsing new cars and errands. I bought my car almost 5 years ago. Pre-baby, pre even thoughts of ever having a baby. So of course it's a two-door, small car. Well now 5 years later and one 8 month old baby, the car is NOT cutting it. It's like wrestling an alligator just to put her car seat in the back. It's only going to get worse once we transition to a larger car seat. Not to mention I'll be hugging my steering wheel since my seat will have to be all the way forward for it to fit. I cannot go grocery shopping, or any kind of shopping if I have the stroller because it takes up the entire trunk. I like my car but it's time to upgrade to a mommy van! Just kidding. Please, someone slap me if I ever buy a mini-van. I'm thinking more along the lines of a small SUV or a four-door car of some sort. Ernest's choices: Cadillac, BMW or a Jeep with a Hemi. Wake-up Peter Pan, not gonna happen!
Here's a secret about me, I'm cheap. My car is paid off in two months and I do NOT want a payment, or if I do at least just a small one. I'm good with something used, a Honda CR-V or even the four-door version of the Civic. Would I love a Mercedes SUV? Sure. But I don't want a Mercedes payment. Enough said. So the search continues. Hopefully we'll have a new car in the next few months because we are quickly out-growing mine!
Happy Tuesday!
Her new favorite thing is sharing pears with me!

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