37 & 38 Weeks

I planned on posting the (now late) 37 and 38 week updates yesterday but that plan was derailed at about 7:05am. On my way to work, running late as usual, I'm coming to a stop at one of the busiest intersections ever and BAM! I looked over and there was a truck bumper staring me in the face. Yup, I got sorta t-boned, sorta side swiped. This A-hole was obviously not paying any attention as he pulled out of a gas station and hit me on my driver door. It was pretty crazy. I was very shook up afterwards. Cops came, reports were filed then I went to urgent care because my back was really starting to hurt. When I originally called 911, I think the adrenaline was rushing so I didn't feel anything until later. Luckily, it's just minor back and neck pain that some prescription drugs will help ease the pain and will hopefully be gone in a weeks time. My poor car on the other hand is going to need a lot more work than me. I have to say, my little Honda with its side crash bar held up like a champ! What could have been a lot worse of an accident was saved by some good design. Bravo Honda! It was not a great way to start a Monday but I'm SO thankful it wasn't worse than it was and that I didn't have Autumn with me! I was able to stay home, get a message and spend some time with my mom and Autumn. What started out as a shitty day was turned around. Now to deal with insurance, fixing my car and all that other fun stuff. Good thing it's a short week! 
I need a big ANYWAYS... 

I feel like Autumn has gone from baby to big girl over night. In just the last few weeks she's gotten two teeth, started to crawl, is pulling herself up to a standing position and is eating more 'big girl' foods. Please, for the love of God, slow down little rascal!
This is what our chalkboard updates look like these days
I say rascal because this little lady is into everything lately! She has this devious little look when she's getting into trouble too! She refuses to sit still for more than two seconds and she is such an explorer. We obviously don't think she's a rascal, she is just curious. So curious, in fact, that she loves to pick at people's eye lashes. She'll stick out her tongue, gets real serious, then leans in to grab your eyelashes. I thought this was the cutest thing ever...until, I got an eye infection! I couldn't think of anything else it'd be other than my sweet babes slobbery-food covered-grimy-pudgy little hands. Note to self, don't let Autumn's little hands near my eyelashes ever again! While I'm rocking my nerd glasses and a hot compress this week, she'll continue to be a little explorer (who will not be touching anymore eyelashes).
I couldn't resit this comparison...it's AMAZING what takes place in 38 weeks!
We had to lower her crib last week when we saw this happening...

That's right, big girl standing up in her crib. She thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever!!

This last weekend we had mama + mini day while Dad looked for a new shower door (unsuccessfully) and looked for new car tires. Ernest and I were up bright and early before 6am while Autumn slept in until 7. What is wrong with that picture?! Anyways, we were on our way to the park for a walk when I decided to stop at a yard sale. I'm still looking for a wooden high chair and thought maybe I'd be in luck. There wasn't a high chair, but I did score a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair that I'd been eyeing! It does say 'Mason' on it, but Autumn can't read yet so we're good. Ha! You can buy replacement covers which is way cheaper than buying the whole chair itself. They also had a Radio Flyer red wagon! Double score! These were both items I had on her birthday list so now I can scratch them off and get her some other stuff. Since I had the stroller in my trunk, I could NOT fit anything else in my car. I tried to shove the chair in the back, the wagon in the front and every other combination. Not fitting. I had to call Ernest to come get everything! LOL! We hung out in someone's front yard while we waited. Embarrassing.

Clearly making herself at home in her new chair while we waited for Ernest with the truck.
I'm totally not a yard sale kinda gal but since I was feeling so lucky, we hit up some of the millions of other yard sales. Unfortunately we didn't find anything else so we finally took our walk.
The rest of the day, we delivered a Pride cake, did some shopping and played in the pool.
I was planning on getting a nicer blow-up pool (there is such a thing) but when I was grabbing dog food the other day, I found this $6 pool. It's perfect- it holds water and keeps us cool. That's all we need. And I don't have to fret about the wind blowing it away and poking it with holes.

The rest of the weekend was mellow. I made tons of baby food Sunday and just relaxed. All in all it was a good weekend. Now only two days of work then 4th of July, boom!

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