41 Weeks and a Weekend

We started the weekend with a torrential downpour. I was at work when it started and had to wait to leave because it was raining so bad. We rarely get big storms like this, so when we do it's a big deal. LOL. This is what my drive home looked like. We live maybe 10 minutes away and it took me 30 minutes to get home!
That's not chocolate milk
I put Autumn to bed at her usual time, about 7:30. Our nightime routine looks something like this...bath (if it's bath night), lavender oil, then I hold her with the Boppy and give her a bottle, she falls asleep and I put her in her crib. Goodnight til 5:30-6am.

Not this night. She was asleep, I put her down, eyes wide open and baby giggles erupted. Huh?! Sometimes she likes to wait for Ernest and I thought since it's Friday night we'll just go downstairs. She was super excited to see him. We hung out for a bit then he went to get dinner and I tried putting her to sleep again. Nope. She just kept turning, laughing, kicking, you name it. Wild child. Since we weren't getting anywhere close to sleep we went downstairs again so I could eat (it was 9 by this time). Autumn was not only wide awake but super hyper. She was screaming, flailing her arms and climbing all over everything. I couldn't help myself but laugh. That was until, for the third attempt, she still would not go to sleep. Ernest finally got her to bed by 11pm by just letting her cry it out in the crib.

He told me she's too big a girl to be held like a baby and put to sleep. WHAT?! This was a heartbreaker. I love (love) our snuggle time before bed so it just makes me sad to know she's too old to be rocked to sleep. The worst part is, he's right. She tries to turn around when I'm holding her because she likes to fall asleep on her stomach, arms tucked in, butt in the air. She just can't do that while I'm holding her. So last night, I gave her the bottle, then she starts getting fussy so I said goodnight and put her in the crib. She cried the saddest cry (I may have joined in) then 15 minutes later, bam, sleeping like a baby. It makes me sad but also proud that she's finding her independence. #stopgrowing
Saturday, after a rainy/humid run, we went to the farmer's market (take two). This was a different one and did not disappoint, it was awesome! There were so many vendors, lots of veggies, kids clothes, baked goods, people, and good food. Autumn had so much fun checking everyone out, she made friends with a little white puppy 'Barbara' that kind of looked like Jack, and smiled at lots of adoring fans. We bought tons of veggies and the cutest orange leg warmers for Autumn. They'll be perfect for her one year shoot!

I unsuccessfully looked for wooden high chairs, we had an early dinner, played and tried to take a nap (key word, tried) and made Autumn's food with our farmer's market loot.
On the menu this week was: blueberries, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mangos, peaches and carrots.  I would have finished but our freezer is too small and too full to put all the trays in at once (laying flat) so I have to do them in rounds. It's annoying. You'd think this would be motivation to clean the freezer, but nope. #mamaneedsamaid
In other weekend news, Autumn was such a ham this weekend! I think we can officially say her first word she knows, with meaning, is 'hey'. Ernest got her Saturday morning and she standing in her crib, reaching for her little duck on the table, looked at him with guilty face and said 'hey'. LOL. It's the funniest thing! It's more of an 'ey' than a 'hey' but close enough. She will say it when you come into a room, when Jack isn't paying attention to her or if you start calling her name. I've yet to get it on video since it's still sporadic.
Double fisting. That's my girl. She was super sleepy from Friday nights antics
Autumn is also giving kisses! It's SOOOO cute! She'll lean in and either just touch your lips with hers or give you a full on slobbery kiss, sometimes with a lick too.
OH, and she is trying to stand on her own! Eeeek! She'll stand with the help of furniture but is now sticking her butt in the air and trying to stand. It freaks me out. I may need to wrap her in a bubble from now on!
This was the closest pic I could catch of her standing. It usually lasts a split second
Sunday we did more house hunting and visited Grams and Gramps where she blew bubbles and played with the hose.

This is probably the funnest age, the most developmental and the most rewarding. I just love her to the moon!

She wanted to keep playing with the water hose.

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