42 Weeks

Once I dried out from Fridays storm, I was able to spend a little time with Autumn on Saturday morning before I had to do the NM Autism Society fundraiser.

Since it was my day to sleep in, Ernest got her when she woke up and then we had a bed party aka letting Autumn crawl all over the bed, yelled 'eh' for Jack a million times and took her nap.
Looking for Jack. 'Eh, ah' aka 'Hey, Jack'
We went to the bank and Party City for some balloons. She was completely enamored with the balloons! It was a good thing too because we were waiting there for a while. I thought maybe the helium when they blow them up would scare her, but nope. This is a great sign that she'll love the Balloon Fiesta in October. I'm so excited to take her! We didn't make it last year because the day we were going to go was the day Autumn was born! We were thisclose to buying tickets but bailed at the last minute. Good thing! 

On Saturday, Ernest and Autumn surprised me at my event which was super nice! I was able to get out early and hang out with her before bedtime. She was really hyper and decided it was the night she was going to climb the stairs! 5 stairs to be exact. Time for a baby gate!! I didn't snap any pictures out of fear of leaving her for a split second to grab the camera. 
Pulling up on everything, including my dress
We had another morning bed party Sunday too. I think her and Jack totally love hanging out in our bed as a special treat! We did mass amounts of laundry. I seriously dread doing laundry so I let it gather into a huge pile of her stuff.

I attempted a high ponytail on Autumn. She was less than thrilled. I seriously need to work on my baby hair style skills! It's so hard when they're wiggling around!!

We then went to breakfast, looked at another house then took naps. After a really long week and weekend I was exhausted! 

So was Autumn. Except she didn't want to sleep that long and woke up on the wrong side of the crib! She was grumpy bear.

I gave her some big girl snacks I picked up from the store. I thought we'd try Cheerios. She ate a couple then wouldn't eat any more. I don't think that she's a picky eater but she doesn't like weird textures. All her fruits and veggies she eats without issue but anything that's a little chunky she hates, spits out and then makes the funniest 'gross' face. The ped told us to try giving her meat, turkey basically more protein. I've tried ground turkey and chicken and she hated them both! I even tried quinoa and beans...both got spit out! I've also tried them a second and third time just in case. Anyone else have this problem?! Any solutions?! I want to make sure she's getting the right foods but its hard when she just spits them out! She's doing a bit better with bigger solids too like smalls chunks of mango, avocado, watermelon and cantelope. Maybe we just have a baby vegetarian on our hands! HA!

Once she got out of her funk, we played all afternoon! She climbed more stairs, chairs, high chairs, pretty much anything she could. 
She needed a break after all that playing!
While I made us a nice Sunday dinner of spaghetti, Autumn made her way into all the cabinets! She thought it was the coolest thing ever! Uh-oh, let the fun begin! 
Happy Monday!

Hahaha, who am I kidding. Monday's suck! :)

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  1. High pony and a pink tutu?! Kill me now. She is so stinking cute!