5 on Friday

TGIF!!! Woot woot!

Linking up again with Darci, April, Christina, Natasha for "5 on Friday!"

{one} Last week I got into a minor car accident. It really wasn't bad, but I have had a lot of back pain. I decided to go to the chiropractor to nip it in the bud since I am way too busy for anything holding me back. I'm also training for a 1/2 marathon which (hopefully) happens so I didn't want to be messed up for that. Anyways, yesterday was my first appointment and they did tons of stuff and x-rays. Today I went for my first adjustment and an evaluation of the x-rays. I have whiplash, my lower spine is pretty tweaked and I pronate forward (which is more to do with the pregnancy). I'm so glad I went in! I was thisclose to canceling it but glad I didn't. I have a long road of 3x week adjustments but I'll be so much better off once it's done! I'm just a little mad that it'll cut into my gym time :( boo. I finally get my car fixed next week! I'll be glad once this is all over. Such a pain in the ass dealing with all this stuff!
This is not me
{two} Do you have that one really annoying person in your life who has an opinion about everything?! I work with one and he chimes in on any and all conversations even if it's a private convo! I was telling a co-worker about the chiro and of course he had to pitch in his un-solicitated opinion of how stupid chiropractors are, blah blah blah. He always has to be right too. It's more than annoying! Most days, I'd like to shove a dirty diaper sock in his mouth. LOL!
Note: Not my actual co-worker
{three} You know what helps me deal with car accidents, annoying a-holes and countless doctors visits...dark chocolate with sea salt! OMG it's heaven! I could eat an entire bar if I let myself. It's that good. Isn't it funny that as we grow older the things we used to think we awful, like dark chocolate, are so amazing now! ha! Guess I'm getting old.

{four} Autumn is my little mischief maker. She is always playing at Jack's water and food bowls like it's her job. Yesterday, after she stuck her hand in his water, she proceeded to toss up his whole plate of food and tried eating it. I looked away for a second. She's Flash Gordon. Luckily, I caught her before she had the entire piece in her mouth.
{five} We need new plates. By need, I mean we've had ours for almost three years and I'm sick of looking at them. I want something clean and fresh feeling. Just some simple white dishes from PB would do.
Does the bread come with them?!
Happy Weekend! Now it's time to get back to first birthday party pinning!


  1. Hope you are doing okay after your car accident! That's no fun! And I love love Autumns little bow! I'm looking for some felt ones because I'm so not crafty! If you know of anywhere that sells them, let me know! :) found your blog through the link up!! super dang cute! just catching up on the rest of your posts! :)

  2. Yum! I hope you enjoyed some chocolate! I'll have to try some with sea salt, that sounds amazing!