9 Months!


Ok, I let it out. Onward...

From 8 to 9 months we've seen huge changes from Autumn. It's like she's all of a sudden decided 'ok, enough of this baby crap, I'm a big girl now!'
{Weight} Unofficially, 18.6lbs. Meaning, I put her on the scale and tried to get her to sit still long enough to get her weight which didnt work cuz she's too small. We did it while I held her and came up with that. I dont think its right because it means she's gained two lbs in 3 weeks. We won't find out her official weight until the 16th! I've been wanting to change pediatricians for a long time and finally got around to it. Since I procrastinate way too much, we couldn't get in any sooner. I think it'll be worth the wait though. This is a new facility, closer and much more convenient hours for us working folk.

{Height} Again, unofficially she's 27". Holy cow giraffe! This girl is tall! She's going to be passing me in no time! :(

{Sleep} Most nights, sleeping through the night. Maybe once or twice a week she'll wake up for whatever reason but usually goes back to sleep pretty easily. Sometimes she even puts herself to sleep after whining for a bit and then falling back to sleep.
{Eating} I don't know what her deal is with the highchair. Sometimes she does great, other times, she hates being in there! You would think we were torturing her. If she has puffs or other small bits of food, she does great. As soon as that spoon gets near her she turns her head and refuses to eat. Once we take her out and feed her, she's just fine. Oi! She's been trying new stuff like cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries, yams and peaches. She LOVES cantaloupe! She's more and more interested in what we're eating and will lean in for a bite. I've been testing the waters a bit and will give her some stuff here and there. She has been eating so much lately! I usually put a normal amount for her and then she'll want seconds and even fourths! Growing girl! Still going strong on making homemade baby food. It really is easy and so worthwhile. I made a HUGE batch on Sunday so we should be set for a while!
{Clothes} I feel like we've gone back a size. She was getting too small for most 6 month clothes and 9 months were big, but fit. Well lately, nine month clothes have been too big and 6 months are fitting better. I think it has to do with her being so busy and on the move!

{Activity} Constant! This girl is always on the move! Now that she's full on crawling she doesn't want to stop. She is also climbing. As in climbing over things, on top of toys, climbing down from stuff. She likes to sit in her little chair, throw things out then reach for them and topple out. Heart attack central over here! Good thing it's low to the ground, but still high enough to panic us all. She's also standing up on everything! She's still too wobbly though and took a little spill yesterday. She tried standing up at her activity table and fell and hit her head. OMG! But I'm sure it's just one bruise of many! She also loves cruising in her red wagon, playing in the pool and yelling!
{Social} We just discovered this walking trail at the park we've been going to (how I didn't see it before is beyond me). She loves 'talking' to all the people and everyone who stops to say hello. She especially loves the dog park and all the puppies there. Autumn absolutely LOVES animals! It's the sweetest thing. Oh, and she thinks she's an animal too since she's been trying to get into Jack's food and water every chance she gets.

{Dislikes} The evil highchair. Having her faced washed. Having something taken away from her that's she's not supposed to have...cell phones, dog food, the remote, lint from the floor. Getting out of the pool. Did I mention I got her this onesie? It was made for her!
{Milestones} Crawling was definitely the biggest milestone this month. She can almost give a full wave hello or goodbye. She says 'ey' (hey) when we walk into the room. She might be part Canadian. OH, and she discovered her nose and that fingers fit up there nicely.
{Health} Healthy as a horse! We thought she may be getting more teeth but it comes and goes. Other than that, she is one happy-healthy baby!

I love this little lady to the moon and back! I can't wait to see what other fun we have in store!

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  1. Autumn and my little one are pretty much the SAME age, Sofia will be 9 months next week :) Isn't incredible how much of a change month 8-9 was!? I'm hoping Sofia will crawl soon, can't wait to keep up with your blog