Big Girl Birthday List

The 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday is quickly approaching. I heard that expression recently and thought it was so cute. I just can't even type those dreaded two numbers, so 1st anniversary it'll remain for now. So my birthday isn't even for another month (or two) but I've already been working on my list. #imfive

The best part of this birthday is since it's such a milestone, I'm going all out on the birthday list. Whether or not I'll get everything will be another story. A girl can dream, right?! Here goes the big girl birthday list (not to be confused with Autumn's birthday list which will come soon)...

{1} A house. Dream big or go home! Seriously though, as I've mentioned a million times before I'm so sick of looking for houses and would just like to find one we love. If we get a house, the rest of this list will be negated (at least from Ernest) and filled with home decorating items and/or willing hands to help us paint, etc.

{2} A trip. We're planning on taking a trip the week after my birthday unless we get a house. Then we'll work on the house and hopefully move in during this time. But if not, I'd love to hit the beach, lake or even a pool. We were originally going to Lake Mead but with this mega drought and a baby we didn't even summarize our boat this year. I'll settle for any body of water and adult umbrella drinks.

{3} Camera. Not just any old camera, a big girl camera. The Nikon 1 J1 to be exact. I've been drooling over this one for a while. I think it's the sleek white that gets me. I usually just use my iPhone to take all my pics because it's almost always on me and is way more convenient than lugging a big ole camera around. But, I would like to get better pictures of Autumn to actually print. I'd also like to use it to take better pictures of my cakes. Eventually I'd like to get the other lenses for close up pictures too.

{4} Running shoes. I've had mine for far too long and really need these sooner than my birthday but they still made the list. If you go to an actual running store you never get to pick the color and style of shoe you want. It's always based on your gait, foot, stride, etc. Since this is a list about big dreams, I'm dreaming of cute(r) running shoes. I've been dying to try minimalist running shoes but just haven't bit the bullet. I'm loving these Brooks PureDrift running shoes. I'm still training for a race in October and these would be just perfect!

{5} Gift cards. I know, that sounds so lame but I really love gift cards. I'm super picky so this way I can get exactly what I want. I'd love to do some shopping for home stuff (of course) at west elm, Pottery Barn, Ikea and/or Crate and Barrel.
Surely all those plants would be dead on my wall. #brownthumb
So there you have it, my 29th's 1st anniversary birthday list. Not asking too much. HA! Well a girl can dream...I may have to dream more as the dreaded birthday looms closer...

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