Change of First Birthday Party Plans

As you know, I've been hoarding first birthday ideas for a while now. The stuff I had was good, I was going to use some decorations I already had and it would have been really nice. But nothing was really popping out to me. As I was taking my usual browse on Pinterest, I started pinning a bunch of fall stuff. Pumpkins, candy corn, everything orange- ahhhh it makes my heart so happy. And then it came to me...a fall/pumpkin first birthday party! OHHH-EMMM-GEEE! I'm surprised I could sleep last night with all the candy corn dancing in my head!
 If you hadn't noticed, I LOVE fall (umm hello, Autumn?!)!!! I always have and always will. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. So when we found out Autumn was due in October I was beyond excited because it meant I could have Halloween themed parties (until she says otherwise). I have this mental calendar and for whatever reason, the start of school signifies the start of fall in my mind. So about August 15th, it's all about pumpkin everything, endless re-runs of Hocus Pocus and everything fall. Naturally, a fall-pumpkin party will be perfection! How I didn't think about this before is beyond me?!
For the adults, obvi
My mom and I already started talking menu for the party. I think we'll do a hot dog and chili bar. So basically hot dogs (cooked a few ways) with a TON of toppings, different types of buns, etc. The chili bar will also have toppings but also stuff for Frito pies, mmmm. Why hot dogs and Frito pies?! Because they remind me of tailgating, college football and of course fall (are you tired of this word yet?! Good, me either)! 

I can already imagine her invites...a giant pumpkin...her cake...candy corn colored...and gift bags that look like brooms...
From here on out I will be busy finding the cutest fall decorations, every pumpkin recipe you can imagine and anything that will make my little pumpkins first birthday absolutely magical! I.cannot.wait. Eeek!

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  1. Happy planning! It's a lot of work but I'm sure it will be amazing :)

  2. Love the theme, great idea!


  3. LOVE these ideas! And your blog. :)


  4. Great ideas!I'm sure this will be very memorable!