Last minute 4th of July Festiveness

We are last minute kind of people. All the time. So, in true last minute fashion, we may or may not have a BBQ for the 4th of July. Good thing I've been stalking Pinterest for red, white and blue themed parties and ideas. These are all super easy ideas and everything can be made with a quick trip to the store. Plus, they'll impress all your party guests!

You've got to start the day off right with some 'Merrica fruit and toast, decorated like a flag, of course.
Nothing say's 'Fourth of July' like a cold Budweiser! But, if Bud just isn't your cup-o-tea, these fun drinks will be sure to please.  

First, a bomb-pop-champagne-sparkler. These drinks have been floating around Pinterest, but Jessica of Little Baby Garvin stepped it up to make it super festive with a bomb-pop and sparkler. Bravo.
 And a nice non-alcoholic super festive drink...

 There is always that one party guest who is on a diet and trying to eat healthy (it's usually me!), so having a healthy alternative is always welcome. When it's cute, it's even better!
It's still fruit, right?! White choco dipped strawberries with blue sprinkles.
All you need to add are mini American flags on toothpicks. Boom!
Last, but not least, desserts!
Mini strawberry short stacks.
 Cut your sponge cake into star shapes and you are ready to go!

A tub of red vines, some festive paper and glue is all you need to make these cuties.
This is the frosting on the cake...a red, white and blue cake is the perfect amount of festiveness!

Happy (early) 4th of July!

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  1. Great ideas! I made the festive 4th of July strawberries last year and they were delish :)