Planning One Year Photos

We haven't had professional family pictures since Autumn's newborn session, almost a year ago. I had planned on having more, but honestly, with everything else time just slipped away from us. Do the 586,343 pictures I have on my iPhone count?

We're making up for it with Autumn's one year pictures with La Bela Photography. I just had a long chat with Summer and we've got it all planned out. The shoot will take place at Los Poblanos open space which will be just beautiful in the fall. The corn fields will be...up? bloomed? whatever you call that. ha! The fields will be golden and you'll be able to see the Sandia Mountains. I'm also hoping that maybe we'll get lucky and have some hot air balloons in the pictures from the Balloon Fiesta! We drove down to the area on Saturday and it's just gorgeous. I can't wait! Obviously, it's only July and I'm already obsessing.
This picture may be a bit more dramatic than we'll get. Source

Obsessing on...I've been trying to find color schemes that will go with the setting. I hate (double hate) matchy-matchy stuff so I'm going more for a color palette that we can tie everything together with. The weather here in October is kind of hit or miss so I'm also trying to think in terms of layering.
We want something like this
NOT this!
I want Autumn in her new orange leg warmers from Baby Blastoff and maybe a cute romper.
I'm thinking cream romper and orange leg warmers

She will also be sporting a ridiculously pink-puffy-overly-girly tutu. Definitely. She'll wear this for some of her solo shots and her cake smash. I found a cute one on zulily today.

 I'd love to have a little nakey baby running around in her tutu but may have to have a backup plan in case it's too cool. The good news is for this shoot, she will have a diaper on unlike her newborn photos. That was literally a shit show. 'Nuff said.
Autumn definitely needs a headband, or five, for her shoot. I plan on making one with feathers for her actual party, I have a pink one with gold that would match this tutu and onesie perfectly and then maybe splurge and have a custom one made from Jameson Monroe
{smash cake}
I'm still torn on colors for the cake. Super girly or something fun like mint and some gold?!

I will also be using the gold, pink and silver tassle garland I made a few weeks back but will be adding in some bunting that says 'O-N-E' to hang from the high chair. I used this easy tutorial to make it.
Speaking of high chairs...I feel like I'm finally closer to finding one! It's not that I haven't found any, but people want ridiculous amounts of money for a high chair I'm going to paint and use a couple times. I may be able to get a free one! Awesome!! I've decided to paint whichever one I find a really soft white rather than a stark white. It'll go better with the setting and the party. I'm going to use this primer that eliminates having to sand the wood before painting! Boom! I'm all about time-savings!

I've been lusting over a teepee ever since watching The Holiday. Wasn't Jude Law just the cutest dad ever?! Anyways, they had the cutest little tent and I've wanted to do something similar since. Autumn loves when we make tents from blankets. I know she'll just adore a teepee with some twinkle lights, flags and garland. Ok, she'd probably love some blankets and two chairs but these teepees are just adorable. I've also seen the teepees used as props in photo shoots, like Darci from The Good Life Blog did. Adorable!
I'm in love with giant 3' round balloons! I'd love to use one for the shoot too but am afraid it'll get too 'proppy'. Yes, that's a real word. It'd look oh so cute though. Teeny tiny Autumn and a giant balloon. I saw this on Pinterest where you put them with the number of balloons for each birthday...so one, two, three, you get the picture. So cute.
I never would have imagined planning one little photoshoot would involve so much! Maybe it's that I'm planning her birthday weekend and birthday party too and all of this is taking place within a week of each other, yikes! You know I've started multiple lists for her birthday party already...
I'm really glad I'm starting this early because I know it's going to be here before we know it! Eeeeek!

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  1. Are you still having a fall theme for her party? I love all your ideas! My baby was also just born in oct so your ideas are so helpful ��