The Night a Porta Potty Saved Me

I practically ran out of the office Friday since I was so excited for the Luke Bryan concert. Got ready, hung out with the babe, prepped the gramps for the night and got my twang on. I was ready to go until I jokingly asked my mom if she had her ticket. She 'jokingly' said oh shit, I forgot it! I seriously thought she was kidding. Nope. SO we got a little late start. 

I made it up by chugging a giant beer through a straw. Like a champ. The venue was a huge outdoor ampitheater, literally in the middle of the desert. We saw Florida Gerorgia Line first (awesome!). They had just finished their set and we could see this storm moving our way...quick. 

I told my mom lets go to the bathroom now and take cover. She was not convinced and thought we could just wait it out under a blanket. Then the wind blew, a cold gush of air came in and she was like ok, let's go. The rain, wind, dust and lightening started all at once. We were running our little hearts out up the hill then back down towards the bathrooms. It was raining hard by this point, stuff flying everywhere, a giant tent had collapsed! We were still far from the bathrooms but there were porta pottys. 

My fear was not rain, but the hail, winds, debris and especially the extremely close lightening. 

Now, if you know me, you know I HATE porta potties! I would rather go next to the porta potty then step foot in one. So for me to even get in one says a lot! We get up to said porta potty and this girl is walking out and we jumped in! Poor girl in her teeny dress and hooker heels didn't know what was going on. Not my problem. Then we got a knock and these two girls begged if they could get in. Sure, why not?! The more the merrier! 

It's hard to even describe what was going on outside that plastic temple. The lightening was insane. Flash and boom all in one breath. Winds that were literally destroying everything around us. Rain and hail so hard that it stung your skin. Huge signs, debris and dirt flying everywhere. It felt like that movie Twister. You could hear people screaming, banging on the porta potty to get in. It was awful. 

I can only thank God that the concert had just started and the porta potty did not smell because we were stuck in there for an HOUR AND A HALF! I kid you not. Did I mention I had chugged not one, but three beers since we left the house?! I know, I make my mama proud. Now having a baby does not do kind things to your bladder. Somehow mine shrunk to the size of an almond. I won't go into more details than that. There was no choice. 

The girls, Mari and Cindy, that were with us were super nice. And super young. Their mom had dropped them off and they were there celebrating a belated birthday. They drove all the way from northern NM just for the concert. I can only hope that someday when Autumn is of concert going age that some nice ladies will let them into their porta potty. 

Needless to say, the concert was canceled. 

The porta held up against lighting so bright it lit up all the plastic, hail pelting, winds so strong it was swaying and rain that was almost coming from the bottom in. What I can only describe as the most terrifying, hilarious, cramped, uncomfortable, wet, insane hour and a half finally ended. The rain and more so the lightening let up enough for us to make it to the car. It was like a ghost town and only a few other people were still there aside from the workers. Our new friends and us made the flooded, muddy, rainy treck back to the car. On the way the streets were flooded, cars were at a standstill, and tons of windows were broken out. Later we found out broken windows were from flying debris. Where we parked in the dirt was a muddy flooded mess and were lucky we made it out. Other people were stuck or being pulled out by other vehicles. 

We were completely soaked and muddy but safe in our car. The girls were with us because there was no way their parents could even pick them up. The drive home was just as crazy. Traffic was at a stand still as the sold out concert tried making it home. The freeway was closed because of flooding and downed power lines. The power was also out to much of the city. It was complete darkness and water. It felt like the apocalypse or something. I kept waiting for a zombie to jump out at any moment.

Finally, we dropped off the girls to their hotel for them to wait for their parents who were going to be stuck in traffic for a long while. We didn't get home til about 11pm. This whole ordeal started at 7:30! 

It turns out this storm was the worst in 74 years!!! There were 89mph winds, 2" of rain in a short time and funnel clouds that caused a city wide shutdown. And we got to experience the storm from the center of it all! 

Oh man, not the night I had envisioned. At all!! But so incredibly thankful that everyone was safe. I may never use a porta potty for its indented purpose but will hold that plastic shelter dear to my heart. 

The best part of the night...seeing that Luke Bryan was tweeting about his fans safety AND that he had already rescheduled the concert for September 22nd with your ticket (or a replacement as many were destroyed)!!! What a standup guy! He could have easily just said 'rain or shine' but did the honorable thing and will come back. In this case, rain was NOT a good thing! HA! 

Thankful for a dry home tonight. Oh, and tonight is perfectly clear, calm and zero chance of rain. Go figure ;) 

Here is a link to a crazy video of the storm! 


  1. OMG this sounded insane!! An hour and half in a porta potty! That is scary wow.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. that is a crazy story (lol, plastic temple)! i'm glad you were able to make the best out of a scary situation. luke b just played in raleigh a few weekends ago, and i heard it was an awesome show... hopefully september will have better weather :)

  3. Haha that is awesome! I shared this with my friend. He works for Hamilton portable bathroom rentals. It made him laugh pretty hard!

    1. Hahahaha, that's awesome! Glad you guys got a good laugh out of it :) I know we sure did too!

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