The Working Mama

Truth, what Mom doesn't work?! I mean taking care of children, husbands (because they need taking care of) and a household is a ton of work! But the work I'm referring to is that place you go for 8+ hours 5 days a week (in my case) or whatever variation thereof.

The dreaded four letter word. W-O-R-K. Or maybe that's just how I'm feeling?! At any rate, anyone who is a working mama knows how incredibly tough it is juggling a baby, a job, family, dinner, laundry, cleaning, pets, a significant other, etc. etc. etc. I'm exhausted just typing that out! It is not for the faint of heart that's for sure!

Work-home-family is a daily struggle and balancing act. Some days I feel like 'wow, I got all that done!' other day's it feels like a total shit show. I may have more days of the latter but I'm slowly smoothing out the humps.

I in no way have this balancing act totally figured out. But what I've found to help me balance everything the most are:
{one} Being organized. I'm not a super organized person so my way of being organized is through lists. Yes, I'm a list lady. I have a list for everything! What I need from the store (I even started an Excel sheet with a list of our usual stuff!), what I need to do for the day, week and long term. It is honestly the only way I can keep my thoughts clear and so I don't miss anything. I may or may not go ape shit if I misplace a list. Sometimes I even make one in my 'Notes' on my iPhone as I put Autumn to sleep for the night. Lists are my sane place.

{two} Planning ahead. I plan meals, Autumn's food, lunches, her bags if she's away from home and my gym bag the night before. It always (always) makes for a much smoother morning and a million less headaches. I'm chronically late in the morning, even if I wake up early, so it's imperative that I get everything done the night before. Planning meals is especially important. The last thing I want to do after working for 8 hours is think about what to cook for dinner. 9 out of 10 times I'm making something in the Crock Pot. I throw everything in when I wake up (it's always nicely chopped up and laid out for myself) and then it's done. It also leaves more Mama + mini time in the evenings while we wait for the Daddy! Bonus.

{three} Scheduling 'me' time. When I first started going back to work, I had major issues balancing everything. I'd go to work, run home to spend maybe 20 minutes with Autumn, work, go home and then fret about everything I hadn't done and how I still hadn't worked out. I finally decided the 20 extra minutes I was spending with her weren't really quality minutes if I was just going to be stressing about everything else. I decided to take my one hour lunch as 'me time'. Best decision I made. Going to the gym always makes me feel better so this is my usual lunch! Or, if I don't go, it gives me a chance to run errands or do lunch with friends or coworkers. That one hour is a total savior!

{four} Stop making comparisons! I think we as women put WAY too much pressure on ourselves to be 100% perfect 100% of the time. It just isn't possible. In this world of instant media like Facebook and Instagram, you see the 'inside' of these perfect little families with a home cooked meal, perfectly styled littles in the latest outfit with the best gear and a seemingly seamless lifestyle. It's dangerous because it gives the sense that they are doing everything right and leaves you thinking you're lacking (and slacking). The best thing to do is remember those pictures are one second in a whole lifetime. Nobody is perfect and as long as you are doing the best job you can do, that is the ONLY thing that matters!

{five} Just let it go. This is probably the most important on the list and the hardest to achieve. It's also been the one I struggle with the most. But I just have to remind myself to let go of the crazy, put down the broom, let the laundry go another day and just have fun with the kiddo! They are only this small for far too short of a time. So it's not worth it to have Autumn see me running around with my head cut off just so I can clean the floors! I'm getting a lot better about making the time when I get off until she goes to bed our time. We read, play on the floor, splash in the pool and go for walks. I always feel 10x better once I can just unwind with her instead of worrying about everything else. Life is too short to spend it stressing about anything other than being happy!

{six} Iced coffee! It always helps. 'Nuff said.

This is how I survive the daily grind. I, in no way, have it figured out but I'm learning as I go and doing the best that I can. That's a win in my book! How do you balance everything?

Happy Work Week to You!

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  1. I've never been able to find balance. Some days i just manage to juggle better than others.

  2. Hi!! I'm Nellie and I am not sure how I found your blog but I LOVE it! :)

    This is a really great post btw, I agree with you 100% As long as you are a mom you are always working in some sort of fashion!