44 Weeks and a fever

The weekend started off great! Friday I bought a few things for Autumns birthday party and some yarn at Hobby Lobby. I have an 80 year old grandma living inside me and around this time she loves to knit or crochet. Ive been obsessed with leg warmers for baby girl and thought Id try to knit some. I got super cute yarn but stay tuned, I'm a hopeless knitter so it may take a year to finish. But I can crochet like a mo fo. Except for Autumns baby blanket I started while prego and have yet to finish ...story of my life.

On Saturday, somebody decided to wake up at 5:20am and since it was my day I was up. Luckily Autumn is extremely cute and Hocus Pocus was on TV! boom! Once the sun came up, we went garage sale-ing and vintage shopping. It's funny how I used to despise both those things but now I love it! Old age?! Maybe. I've been on the hunt for some cool wire baskets and random stuff for the bday party to fill with sticks and other fall goodness. I found some great stuff! And a whole lot of stuff I didn't need. Like a vintage metal fan (I'm obsessed with these!), an old school desk for Autumn and a sweet rocking chair! (80 year old grandma rearing her head again!) 
Trying on silly hats
Anyways, once we were done looking at old shit we visited Grandpa Lar-bear. As always, Autumn had the biggest smile for him! 
Then we headed to the zoo. At first Autumn couldn't have cared less, she was more interested in the other 'animals' screaming and running around. Did I say animals, I meant kids. The other kids. But once she could see the big animals, like the gorillas and monkeys, she would not stop waving at them and saying 'eh, eh, eh' aka hey, hey, hey. It was so cute!! We just saw the big animals since that's all that really stood out to her. Her favorite was probably the giraffes. 
Then we had a little picnic in the park area which included puffs, apple/pear purée and no-longer iced coffee. Yum. She loved eating picnic style!!! 
Being fed like an animal
We of course had to see the zoo store but they didn't have what I was looking for...'my first trip to the zoo' shirt! Boo. We had such a blast at the zoo! I love taking her new places and seeing new things. Once we got home she crashed! 
Later that night, I made red chili enchiladas for dinner, had some beers and just hung out. Perfect ending to a perfect day! 
Sunday came and Autumn woke up around 6. Since I'm a freak and can't even sleep in on my day to sleep in, I got her and took her back to our bed. Girlfriend was cranky! I rocked her to sleep in my arms and we were all able to sleep for a lot longer. 
I got up and did one of the hardest workout of my life with my dads trainer for one of her cross-fit classes. We ran 3 flights of stairs 4 times, mountain climbers, 10 pull ups, sprints then pushed a huge tire 10 times! And repeated this insanity again! Then it was 30 push ups and 3 minutes of the hardest abs workout I've done (hello c-section!). It was brutal. I felt it the next day for sure!

When I got home Autumn was asleep again which was abnormal. When she woke up she had a horrible fever. Her normally porcelain cheeks were rosy red like a little tomato. I can only think its teething. She doesn't have any signs of anything else except for buckets of drool she is leaving trailed throughout the house. The rest or the day consisted of us taking turns holding her while she slept, trying to soothe her and cool her down. We even took her for a ride so she'd sleep. She still had a fever when I put her down for the evening. Poor baby had the saddest most miserable look on her face all day! It breaks my heart. She would try playing but just couldn't so we snuggled instead.
Monday she woke up with the same fever so I called in sick to hang with the babe. We had a lot more snuggles, very little nap time (boo!) and lots of random TV. I made a blanket bed in the living room and we watched Christmas Vacation. Finally by mid-day the fever broke and she was back to playing.
 I'm happy to report she woke up 100% better this morning!!! She was her happy, silly, smiley little self and we were so happy she was! We hated seeing her so miserable and sad!

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  1. She is so cute. Hope she's feeling better. Mac always gets a fever (and snot) when he's teething.