46 Weeks and a Busy Weekend

How is it already Monday again? I was not ready for the weekend to end! We had so much to do and so little time. But somehow, some way we got everything in. Even with a horrible cold! What started as a sore throat last week quickly progressed into a bad cold and now bronchitis! Bleh! Nobody has time for that! So I put on my big girl boots, armed with cough drops and medicine, and got through our weekend.

Saturday I had a baseball baby shower cake due. I stayed up late Friday finishing that and delivered it Saturday morning. In my fog I completely forgot to take pictures except for one dark picture of an incomplete cake. Boo!
There were baseballs that said 'All Star' on top
After dropping off the cake, we did some Autumn birthday party shopping. Home Goods turned it up and had SO much fall/halloween goodness I could barely handle it! I wanted to buy everything in there but finally decided on just a few things. I'm thinking the crate will hold caramel apples and the basket can hold the burlap goodie bags for the kiddos. Still trying to figure out what the rest will be used for.
After lunch and a quick nap for Autumn, we were off to Brad and Stacy's gender reveal party. I couldn't help but think about our own gender reveal and how it felt like it was just yesterday! They did a box with balloons for the big reveal. It's a BOY!!! I'm beyond excited for them to welcome little Chase into the world come January. We may already be plotting Chase and Autumn's marriage for the future! haha. And now I can spoil this little tike with all the fun boy stuff out there! Once Autumn's birthday mania is passed, it's on to safari baby shower planning in November! I can't wait. I'm pretty sure I should change my career to party planner because I have way too much fun doing it!
Our vote was boy, we were right!
Daddy let her try cake and she loved it! Go figure.
Once we left the party, it was craziness trying to packup Autumn's overnight bag for Grandma and Grandpa's house. That's right, overnight. It was our very first night (well mine) being away from Autumn. I actually did better than I thought. I only checked in and looked at all her pictures once, lol. Once everything was ready, Grandma J picked her and Jack up for a sleepover. We were free for a night! Wootwoot! We went to the Lil Wayne concert (I know, we keep it gangsta) with some friends. Ernest's friend picked us up and took us so we could enjoy some drinks. We had an early sushi dinner and beers (yum!) then headed to the concert. It was pouring on the way over and I for sure thought it was going to be a repeat of the Luke Bryan concert! Thankfully it was not! The weather cleared and it was just hot as hell and humid, but no rain. We had SO much fun dancing it up! We were totally those old people at a concert intended for a much younger crowd. Who cares! YOLO!
Since we had the chance to sleep in, I took full advantage by sleeping til...8:30! What?! I guess that's late when I normally wake up at 5:30. Instead of relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee in a quite house, I cleaned. I'm lame like that. Then it was off to get the babes. We went to see Autumn's Great-Grandparents up north. They were beyond excited to see her! She was loving all the attention and totally hamming it up for them. We had fun comparing my baby pictures (aka the shrine) to Autumn. We look pretty damn similar, even down to the same two-tooth grin!
Her Bieber hair
Once we finally got home it was time for some football! The 49er game to be exact. Ernest went to change Autumn and brought her down in her Niners jersey! Haha.
big girl food and plate!
Her Auntie Allison bought her this jersey while we were still in the hospital after Autumn was born. She used to swim in this little outfit but now it fits perfectly! I love seeing comparison pictures of her like this. Must buy two outfits in a year size difference. In the first picture, I remember dressing her up in all her Niners gear and putting her little headband on and she would just stare at me and smile. Now, she won't even let me hold her long enough to take a picture and just screams to get away! How 10 months has changed everything!
1 month vs. 10 months
I finally updated my chalkboard half assed (don't do this at 9pm on Sunday night) with some fall festiveness. Next up, Autumn's chalkboard since I'm seriously slacking on her weekly updates.
Hoping I get rid of this nasty cough and looking forward to a long weekend and the wine festival!!

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