5 on Friday

I survived this week! It was a million and one times better than last week! Amen to that!

{one} I've been using my DIY beach hair spray and its totally been saving me from the humidity. But somedays, I need to look a little more polished for a meeting or just because. I decided to try the fabulous Cara Lorens ballerina bun tutorial. It was so so easy and looks fab! Speaking of hair, can we talk about this ridiculous post pregnancy hair regrowth?! It has me going through an entire can of hairspray just to hold these weird pieces of hair that make me look like a unicorn down! WTF?! 

{two} I saw this on Facebook the other day and its just too perfect not to share. 

{three} www.houzz.com is my new favorite website. Ernest found it the other night and its so badass. It's like Pinterest but all house stuff AND it gives you details about a particular space. I'm thinking it'll come in handy very soon...
I wish!
{four} With summer over as of August 1st  (what? You didn't get the memo?) if we had to sum up summer in one word, it'd be watermelon. This little lady has been gobbling it up by the handful. Literally. I learned (the hard way) that its better to just leave her in a diaper and let her go to town. She squeezes it, shoves it in her mouth, paints with it and feeds some to Jack. It's the funniest thing ever! I've never seen someone love watermelon as much as this little lady. 

{five} as mentioned above, I learned not to leave Autumn clothed while eating watermelon. I even had a bib on her but all that juicy goodness seeped through and ruined her outfit. After trying to get the stains out unsuccessfully, I decided to try making a headband for her from said ruined outfit. The pattern was so cute so I didn't want to just toss it. I used this tutorial and made her this headband. Of course she was asleep so I tried it on myself. How is that for up cycling?! Boom! 
So it could use a little refining but I can't wait to try it with some other stained or outgrown outfits! 

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Alright, I've GOT to make the beach hair spray! Who knew it was that easy! Also, I LOVE the target pic- how perfect and SO true! :)

  2. i have had that thought at target (so many times)! also, what a cool idea with the headband! it's a shame her little outfit was ruined, but props to you for getting creative :)