A Pumpkin Party

I think this may be the first time ever that I am this far ahead of the game. I'm referring to party planning for Autumn's first birthday. I have a menu chosen, invites picked, her outfit ordered with matching headband and some decorations bought. Who is this?! I am notorious for being a last minute planner so being a month and a half ahead of the game is just blowing my mind. Boom.

Enough gloating. The theme is still fall-pumpkin-harvest-ish. Aka, everything pumpkin, caramel and orange! I haven't been able to find a 'kit of parts' for the party so I think I'll be making a lot of stuff myself and it'll be a cohesive (hopefully) hodge podge of stuff. Some of the ideas I have brewing are...

{giant photo number one} I've seen this all over Pinterest and couldn't resist. I have a trillion picture of Autumn and this is just perfect to display 1/8473 of them. I'll be ordering the pictures from Printstgram. You get 24 pictures for $12 and you choose your pics directly from Instagram. The best part, I can hang up all these pictures after the party. We'll have our very own Autumn shrine, haha!
{monthly banner} Another Pinterest find. Seriously, what did people do before Pinterest? All those monthly chalkboards I've been doing will pay off once I print them all out for this banner. I've been looking for some sort of clip with each month but have had no such luck. I did find these round chalkboard tags that would work. With a little craftiness and clothes pins, they'll work perfectly as a monthly counter. I already have a tassle garland of gold and silver, so with the addition of some orange tissue paper, the chalkboard tags and pictures it's going to look fab!
{stats board} These are so cute and a great way to snapshot all those one year stats and share with your party. Maybe it'd be fun to do a newborn vs. one year. Newborn: activity- eat, sleep, poop. Favorite Food: breastmilk. Done. Haha. Ok, maybe it wouldn't be that interesting. But isn't it amazing how much your babe has changed in a year?! 
{treat bags} I saw these super sweet burlap bags that just scream fall to me. I plan on stamping them with a pumpkin or something and then filling them with goodies. Either some salted caramel popcorn, some 'one' rice krispies dipped to look like candy corn or some good old candy corn. Maybe all three of these things will be in there! Parents will love me! hahahaha!

{photo-booth setup} Ok, so I'm not sure how this will work exactly because we're not going to have any paparazzi at the party. BUT I love the idea of having a 'photobooth' setup for some cute pics of little cuties, fams and everyone else in between. This is my dream scenario...
In reality, we'll probably have one pumpkin. HA!
{pumpkin decorating station} I have been so excited for this part since the thought of a fall birthday party popped in my head! What is cuter than some little tikes picking out their own pumpkin then adorning it with fun googly eyes, felt lips and silly hats?! So Autumn may not totally get into this yet, but that's what Mama is there for right?! Yup!
Aside from large amounts of pumpkins (which will probably attribute to most of my budget!), random decorations, leaves, sticks, hay and everything 'fall' I've also been scoping out some of these other items to help bring in the festiveness...
birch straws for sipping apple cider

'Happy Birthday' banner with felt balls
Kraft paper and some chalk
If you can't tell, I am beyond excited for Autumn's birthday party! It will be awesome!

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  1. such cute ideas (especially the monthly banner, pumpkin decorating station, and the birch straws)! i know what you mean about rarely being ahead of the game, but parties like this (especially first bdays) are too much fun to resist the urge of planning every detail in advance!! can't wait to see the final product :)