Autumn J. is TEN Months!

Holy everything, we are in double digits at TEN months old! WOW. My little baby will be one whole year in just two more months. {Insert tears}.
I am amazed by this little girl every single day. I can't believe this standing, walking, 'talking' wee bit was just this helpless little nugget less than a year ago. Amazing!

I'm going to dry my tears up just enough to get this out...

{weight} No clue. I'm guessing she's lost some weight since she's always on the go and can now fit back into some 3-6 month clothes?! WHAT!
{height} Still no clue. Definitely stretching out though. Especially her feet! They grew a mile over night!

{sleep} Really good most nights. There have been a few times she'll wake up in the middle of the night. She's gone back to falling asleep with a bottle as I hold her. Im soaking up every second of it while it lasts. The few nights she doesn't, I just put her down and she's out within 5 minutes. Naps are the same, a little harder though. I put her down, let her cry then she's out. I try to watch her cues when she's sleepy...fussy, rubs her eyes or pulls at her ear. Typical night starts around 7:15 and wakes up 5:45ish.
{eating} We've still got baby vegetarian on our hands. Still trying different things and every.single.time she spits out any type of meat or bean. I may try a turkey shake tonight! BLEH! I don't blame her. She's getting better about eating small bits of food like melons, mango, avocado. She tried graham crackers yesterday, loved them, but ended up throwing up later on. I'm thinking maybe she just had too much. Anything super soft, she likes.. Her favorite foods are watermelon, blueberries and sweet potato. Actually, she loves all her purees. I figure, she'll eat more food when she's ready but I'm not about to push it on her. Oh, and she LOVES drinking out of a big girl cup with a real straw! None of that baby sippy cup BS! Oh and she mastered the Popsicle all by herself!
{clothes} Mostly nine months. Although some 3-6 and 6 month clothes still fit. We're stretching them out as long as possible until the seasons change. We're nearing the thinner part of her closet from all the gifts we received. Then it's time for some fall shopping! wootwoot!

{activity} Non-stop. Seriously. This little lady is always on the move! From the time I get home to the time she goes to bed it's 24/7 crawling, standing, climbing, me chasing her, her chasing me, her chasing Jack, Jack running from the Autumn rampage, constant giggles, laughing, fake coughing, eating, straws, puffs, putting any spec of dirt in her mouth, etc. etc. etc.. She also loves to put a paci in her mouth and crawls around super fast. She doesnt use one any other time. Autumn also likes to pant like shes a dog! where she comes up with this stuff is beyond me! By 7pm we're both ready for bedtime!

{social} She loves visiting with the fam! She really is such a happy baby! Sometimes it takes her a little while to warm up to some people but once she does, she's usually really happy. Other babies that take away her attention, not so much. Autumn's cousin Peyton comes to visit her on some days when she's with Grandma Kathleen and apparently some sassy little pants throws a fit if her Grandma holds Peyton! Oh no! I hope she outgrows this. We need to get her around other babies stat! I shudder to think if we ever have more kids how she'll react. lol.
She's also got some wicked separation anxiety with me. Which is strange since I'm at work all day. But once I get home I better be in her line of sight at all times! This girl has a personality on her! I think we may be in trouble. She is a little firecracker...feisty, stubborn and always wants what she can't have! She hates being told no if she can't have something and will throw a little fit! Diva much?! I wonder where she gets it from?? Her dad. Definitely her Dad!
{milestones} Pulling herself up to standing and walking along furniture. Can I just say this has been the most terrifying part so far?! She's incredibly wobbly so standing for her really looks like an 80 year old who just downed a fifth of bourbon! Not good. But she is getting a lot better and super strong. This kid is fearless! Except when she sits back down. It's so hilarious because she'll slowly lower herself down until she feels the ground.

{health} Healthy, healthy healthy! We thought some teeth may be coming last week but she was just having a diva day. It's ok baby, I have those all the time. Haha. She's still at two bottom teeth and no other signs of the rest.

{favorite moment} I'm adding this category even though it's really hard for me to remember a whole month back but my fav is definitely her giving kisses. It's just the most adorable thing ever and never gets old!

{mommy fail} I could probably go on and on with these, but my biggest fail of the month happened last week. I needed some coffee stat, Autumn was climbing at my feet at the refrigerator, I opened a drawer and a thermos fell out and bonked her on the head! OMG! I think I may have cried harder than she did. I felt so so bad but she was fine after a few seconds of crying.

Her birthday is quickly approaching and I feel super behind now! Eeek! How did that happen?! I've been ordering a few things here and there for her outfits but I need to put it into high gear because we have a super hectic two months coming up! I'm so excited for what is to come and to see what other awesome things this little lady has in store for us!!!

I love you to the moon Autumn! 

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