Autumn's First Birthday Wish List

I've been thinking about what to get Autumn for her fast approaching first birthday, eeek! Honestly, I could probably get the kid a cardboard box, spatula, watermelon and a tube of mascara and she'd be occupied for hours. Hahahaha! But since 'Maybelline' sounds a little weird on a birthday list, I've put together some real things to get her.

I could categorize this list into two columns. 1. Stuff she'll actually enjoy and 2. Stuff I will really enjoy for her/stuff she needs . That's your right as a parent, to live vicariously through your child, right?! Right!!

These are all items that Autumn is surely to love. Some fabric magnet alphabets, books and other toys to help her learn and play.

/1/ /2/ /3/ /4/ /5/ /6/ /7/ /8/ /9/ /10/ /11//12/

We have been fortunate to have clothes from baby showers, gifts, etc. to last us to beyond her first year. But her winter clothes are lacking so it's time to stock up on some cute warm clothes (size 12 months +). Since you can now shop at H&M online, I was sure to pick lots of their cute stuff! I also couldn't resist some fun Halloween stuff and this awesome growth ruler!

/1/ /2/ /3/ /4/ /5/ /6/ /7/ /8/ /9/ /10/ /11/ /12/ /13/ /14/ /15/

Since family has been asking what to get Autumn...gift cards to Pottery Barn Kids, Gap, H&M, Target, or Etsy. are always great. Autumn will be in about 12 month clothes or 12-18 months.

I already bought Autumn her birthday gift from me. Shhhhh, don't tell her but it's a teepee! YAY! I'm so excited to decorate it with garland, twinkle lights and a cute rug.
The countdown is officially on! Only 39 more days til the big day! Somebody hold me, my little girl is growing up too fast! :(


  1. Sofia is getting a teepee too! I love this list, A will LOVE the Zany Zoo, S can't get enough of hers :)


  2. We have that little drum kit, my daughter loves the shakers and the drum sticks. She bangs on everything but the drum though! :)