It's Friday, Friday

I just love this 5 on Friday of completely random things.  It's unexplainable, a little silly but I love it. #sorrynotsorry

Linking up again with Darci, April, Christina, Natasha for "5 on Friday!"

Without further ado...

{one} Have you heard about this 40 Days of Dating?! It's about these two friends who try dating each other for 40 days. Kind of like the Bachelor online. Seriously addicting. Be prepared to read it all in one sitting. I warned you. Speaking of Bachelor/Bachelorette...for Des being such a lame bachelorette, I have to say I liked the ending with her and Chris.
{two} Kitchen Sink Salad. My mom made this recipe the other day for a side dish. It was quinoa, pineapple, artichoke hearts, salt/pepper and pine nuts. It was delish! I tried re-creating it one night but discovered I didn't have any of the ingredients except for salt/pepper. I modified the recipe with what I had....

2 cups cooked barley
1 chopped bell pepper
2 chopped green onions
a handful of chopped almonds
the juice of half a lime
a splash of balsamic vinegar

Mix everything up and presto, you have dinner! This is seriously the easiest salad and you can pretty much put anything into it...a drizzle of olive oil, mango, pineapple, nuts, quinoa, barley, farro, the list goes on and on. It's even better the second day too!

{three} Chasing Fireflies. This site has THE cutest little Halloween costumes I could just die. I may have already picked out a few hundred costumes for Autumn! October 31st can't come soon enough!
{four} I cannot wait for another friend to get knocked up pregnant so I can send her this card! I also pray she has a sense of humor.

JulieAnnArt makes the most awesome, inappropriate and completely hilarious paper goods! I want everything in her shop!

{five} Remember my awesome garage sale find of the Pottery Barn kids chair?! Well it's getting an upgrade with the cream sherpa cover! Autumn's Gigi ordered it for her this morning. Autumn will no longer be Mason! Wootwoot!

 Ok, that's all for now. Happy Friday!!


  1. I've got to check out that Halloween website! Let me know how you like the sherpa cover, I'm leaning towards that one now :)


  2. I posted Halloween costume stuff today too! I can't believe I'm already thinking about costumes in August!

  3. Autumn is adorable and would be even cuter (if possible) as a unicorn!

  4. JulieAnnArt Is one of my fav shops on Etsy! Just found her a few weeks ago and thought...where have you been by whole life?