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I have been wanting to take picture's of Autumn's nursery for about a year now and am just now getting to it! #mommyproblems I want to remember what her first nursery was like since we've spent countless hours snuggling our little baby in this room, sharing a lot of 'firsts' with her and watching her grow up in here.

I've been trying to take pictures for the last week and everyday has been super overcast so the pictures aren't great. You get the jist though.

When I first found out I was pregnant, decorating the nursery was one of the things I was most excited about. Once we found out it was a girl, I was over the moon. From the get-go, I knew that I did not want an overly frilly pink room. This surprised many. Haha. I wanted something more neutral and modern that could be easily changed and ever evolving. I also didn't want a theme, per-say. Ultimately I was looking for flexibility. I get bored really easy and wanted the ability to switch it up once I get bored. I also knew we'd have tons of pink stuff (despite my best efforts) so I wanted a palette that would work with pink too.

{Colors} I chose grey, yellow and white as the overarching palette. Finding baby stuff in these colors proved to be a LOT harder than I thought! Because of that, I ended up making a lot of the stuff myself or with my mom's help. I was totally loving owls at the time too and tied some owl pieces into the room. And you can see my love of chevron patterns too!
Cutest little model. Ever.

{crib} The first big find was the crib. I searched forever and a day for a grey crib and finally found one at WalMart online, of all places. It's simple, modern and grey. Boom. The crib sheets are just simple yellow from Babies R Us. This was a really hard find!

{storage} The second big item was the changing table. Autumn's room is super teeny tiny. I knew we would be strapped for space and storage so I wanted something on the small end but with storage. This changing table (from WalMart again!) was perfect. It has the hamper and 3 storage drawers built in with the changing pad on top. It can totally be converted later with the removal of the pad and add some additional storage and decorations.

My favorite piece is her cabinet set. I was looking everywhere for a good dresser/storage and could not find one I liked that wasn't a million dollars. Ernest's Grandpa is a major vintage-er and has turned it into a second business. We were at his warehouse one day and he had the most adorable 4-piece white-modern set. I knew I just had to have it! They graciously gave it to us and it is still my favorite piece to this date. It has a TON of storage! The small drawers are perfect for baby clothes and the glass doors are perfect for displaying the beautiful blankets we were gifted and for easy access to her books. It's definitely a piece Autumn can keep for years to come.

The room is so small that we had to put one of the cabinets in her closet. It ended up working out perfectly for socks, shoes and other bulk items.

{accessories} I also got the table and lamp from Ikea. The curtains are handmade by my mama. I found the material at Hobby Lobby. With a 40% off coupon I was able to get everything for the curtains for $25!! The curtain rod I had previously from Target. The pillow material was also from Hobby Lobby and my mom made those as well.

The cute little owl painting was made by P. Nut, a friend, who custom made this for Autumn.

Even the animals help with storage!
The room isn't overly decorated. It could actually use a little more decorations but I still love it. I bought some simple silver frames from Ikea and filled them with our maternity shoot. She also has some Scentsy stuffed animals, her chalkboard (of course) and a cute 'Owelphabet' from Jessica at J&Paper. She created this custom piece to match my colors.

I made the grey, white and yellow bunting with some felt from Michael's and some string. I made a template on the computer, cut my pieces and glued them together. It was super simple and cost about $8.

The letter 'A' is also from Michaels. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and glittered it myself. It was super easy. The hardest part was just waiting for the Mod Podge to dry.

The mobile. Oh the mobile. I started this before Autumn was born! It was another Pinterest find (I can't find the link now). I hoarded paint samples from Lowe's and Home Depot, took a round punch, a wooden loom and some clear fishing line. I painted the loom with the same paint as the chalkboard. BTW, the chalkboard was made using the tutorial from Little Baby Garvin. It wasn't hard making the mobile, just really time-consuming. I literally just finished it Saturday night! It was well worth the wait because I love it and so does Autumn! It makes her super excited. She loves to scream, point and flail her arms at it. Win.

{chair} The glider is also from WalMart. I've heard mixed feelings about gliders but I personally love ours. It's been the comfort of many late nights! The only thing I wish I would have done was get a darker color. The light color stains very easily, especially the foot stool. The blanket on the crib is super soft from Home Goods.

It's been almost a year and I am not sick of her nursery yet. In fact, I absolutely love it. It's so warm and comforting but also light and cheery.
I had to add in this last one. That face! She was over me taking pictures by this point!

Some future additions I'd like to make are: a grey rug (I started a jersey rug but it's taken me a thousand years so far and I'm not even close to being done. Maybe by Autumn's 18th birthday it'll be complete!) or some patterned rug. I'd love to paint! Since we're renting I was veto'd (by Ernest) to paint. I am in love with Walls By Mur. I'm thinking gold triangles, yes! Or a thick striped grey wall. I would also like to do a gallery wall and hang up more of her newborn photos. I'd like to bring in some more patterns and textures too. Maybe once we move into a new house all these other ideas can come to fruition!
Walls by Mur

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  1. I looovvvveee the nursery!! We are in the middle of doing ours right now and you've definitely sparked my interest in your mobile. Love it!