Weekend Recap: Sushi, Hair and a Cowgirl

This weekend was one of the best I've had in a while. We didn't really do a whole lot but it was just super nice.

Saturday I had a 5 mile run that I was super dreading!! To the point where I was trying to come up with any excuse...Jack ate my running shoes! But I went despite my dread. We went bright and early at 6am to avoid the heat. It was still hot and super humid!! Yuck! Aside from some crazy weird leg pain the first 1.5 miles, it turned into a great run. There's nothing like finding your stride and getting that runners high! 

 Grandpa Larry came and watched Autumn Saturday morning while Ernest and I had to take care of some biz. We played for a long time when we got home then it was nap time. I was exhausted too and took a TWO HOUR nap! That never, ever happens! I can't even remember the last time that happened. Autumn took an almost three hour nap. I had to go in and get her so she'd sleep the rest of the night. Luckily she was already awake and just hanging out.
Some phone art provided by the Gramps.
Once we were all refreshed, Ernest's parents came by and offered to stay with Autumn if we wanted to go to dinner. Hell yes! We went to our favorite sushi place. We go there a lot, well we used to, and it's pretty casual. We were in our post nap glory...me in yoga pants and the messiest of buns. Ernest with hair undone and just some shorts. We were pretty scrubbed out. We pull up and there are massive amounts of cars which is totally unusual. Then we saw a tent, all these people dressed really nice and what appeared to be models with some crazy hair. It was a hair show at a salon adjacent to the sushi place! I had to schlep my very 'mom looking' ass through a crowd of models. Talk about embarrassing! To think, before we left the house, I was thisclose to putting on my 4" heels and black dress. Damnit! Oh well. The sushi was awesome and it was cool watching all the people at the show. And even nicer having time alone. I love spending every chance I get with Autumn, but it was nice having some adult time too with the boo.

After we did boring stuff like grocery shopping and getting stuff ready for the week, we went to see Gigi and Tots (Great-Grams/Gramps). Don't ask me, they gave themselves these names. Anyways, Autumn was such a ham crawling around, standing on everything and playing with her green monkey.

Once we exhausted Gigi and Tots, we walked to Ernest's parents house. Yes, they live just down the dirt road. On the way, I got eaten alive by mosquitos! There were bites upon bites from my Saturday run. Yuck! I hate mosquito bites!!
Anyways, Autumn showed us her playing grounds at Grandma's house. She also tried on some cowboy boots that were Ernest's when he was growing up. SOOOO cute!!! She didn't know what to do in them! Girlfriend has big feet that I couldn't even believe they fit! Hahaha. My little cowgirl was way too cute!
Ernest put together his childhood train and Autumn just thought it was the coolest thing. 

The rest of the evening was spent finally finishing up some projects for Autumn's nursery (nursery tour coming later this week!), playing, dinner, AND watched the first pre-season football game! Boom. Nothing makes it feel more like fall is approaching like football on the tube. What a wonderful weekend!

Looking forward to this week...Bachelorette finale tonight, Mistresses, SHARK WEEK and a 10 month birthday! Boom! I'm a total Shark Week nerd. We may have already kicked off the week by watching way too many episodes of Jaws in the Air and Open Water! lol.

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