51 Weeks...let the countdown begin!

Blogger is being a pain and won't let me rotate pictures. I've re-tried it a million, gazillion times. I give up so sideways pictures is how I'm rolling today. Sorry. 

Well we are officially on the one week countdown. to Autumns one whole year of life! Get ready for lots of posts this week, endless tears and constant gushing about my sweet babe!
Autumn is doing so many new things just this last week. Yesterday she blew kisses! It was so cute! She can also hold her own cup, drink from the cup or drink from a straw on her own without a lid. She also helps me get her dressed by putting her arm or legs out and is always fascinated when she can see her hand come out of the sleeve. Sometimes we miss and she looks like a mermaid instead...
She's had a walker for a while now but only this week did she actually start using it to its full potential and has been running like a mad woman in it! Autumn also backs up, turns and is getting into a whole new world of stuff. Guess it's time to childproof again! She'll be walking in no time!

The sweetest thing she's been doing is giving hugs! We were at breakfast yesterday and her Auntie Allison was leaving, Autumn wanted her to hold her and she surprised us all by wrapping her arms around Allison in the biggest bear hug she could give. OMG it was the sweetest thing! Then we were leaving my parents house and she did the same thing to my dad. Autumn is just a little cuddle bug! This is my favorite thing ever! She usually ends her bear hug with a big open mouth kiss! Love her!
This past week was spent getting ready for a garage sale, packing and working on the house. The NEW refrigerated air and heating has been worked on the past couple days and is finally done! After a few hiccups in getting it installed, we were finally done dealing with the grumpy old man doing the work on Saturday afternoon! The flooring was also started this weekend. Everything should be finished up by the end of the week! So excited to see and share the final results!
Since I was busy with the garage sale and taking care of stuff at the new house on Saturday,  I wasn't able to spend time with baby A. We made up for it by taking a million and one pictures in the cutest skeleton jammies and a pumpkin, of course. I'm having so much fun with the new camera!
We had breakfast Sunday with the fam. Autumn played with her birthday toys (luckily, she won't remember), picked tomatoes with Grandma B and played on the tractor. 

 After breakfast yesterday, Autumn and I went to my parents house to hit up a pumpkin patch by them. I was looking just for some corn stalks and hay but we were surprised with how awesome the pumpkin patch was! And it was free to get in! I have a serious obsession with pumpkins and bought more. Ooops. Autumn had a blast taking in all the pumpkin patch decor, the kids, the sheep, mini-horses (I want one!), chickens, rabbits, a corn pit and of course all the pumpkins! Our next house needs to be a farm because we just love all animals!

Final party prep is in full motion! I found tons of great pumpkins at Trader Joes for relatively inexpensive (thanks Tara!). Until the party, the little guys are hanging out in the house. I'm so sad I can't decorate during the move :( so pumpkins will have to do for now.   

Sorry this post is all over the place and mostly just pictures but it's sort of indicative of how my mind is functioning today! haha.
I'm going to be savoring these next few days with our 11 month old in all their glory before she is the big ONE! 


50 Weeks, boxes and wet boots

Oh hello Monday, how I hate thee. After having a long weekend, Monday seems even harder today. Anyhoo, we have a 50 week old baby and that is always exciting!
Sometimes, this is as good a picture as we get
We celebrated by...packing and cleaning! Boo! Originally we were going to Phoenix to hit up IKEA but it just didn't work out. We had some people to meet at the house to get stuff done, lots of packing and a very teethy baby. We didn't think a 7 hour drive with a teething babe sounded like a good idea. next time IKEA, next time.
I was off on Friday which was perfect because I was really productive! I got a ton of stuff packed, thrown and cleaned up. I honestly can't remember what else we did on Friday. I think there may have been a trip to Costco in there somewhere?! Wow, 30 is where your memory really fades! hahaha.We did a lot of packing which inevitably turned into trying everything on!
Autumn's first swaddle. It's a little small...
After an early and chilly morning run on Saturday, we headed to the growers market which is quickly becoming my favorite Saturday morning activity. I went with my mom and friend Alex and the growers market did not disappoint. Except, the gal I was looking for, Miss Charlie Bean, was not there for me to scoop up her adorable blankets. Boo! She has the cutest blankets, bibs, etc. for babies. The fabric she uses is so different and unique. It'd make a perfect baby shower gift. I was also looking for pumpkins but nobody had those either :( OK, so maybe it wasn't the most successful trip. We still had fun.
While Ernest met people at the new house, we went to lunch and had planned on antique shopping. Little Miss was in a mood! We sat down to eat and tornado Autumn came out to play! She was throwing everything on the floor, trying to crawl out of her high chair and barely eating a thing. She was a handful, to say the least. After we finished picking our lunch off the floor eating, we hit up one antique shop while my mom kindly stayed in the car with Autumn as she took a nap. I found a million things I wanted but settled on these adorable rain boots that'll fit her in a year (maybe)! They were too cute to pass up.
We cut our afternoon short so Autumn could get too bed. Poor babe has what looks like THREE teeth coming in up top. I don't blame her for not feeling well. I thought a long nap would help but she woke up cranky still! Oi! We had planned on having a belated birthday dinner of sushi and froyo but decided we didn't want all our sushi to end up on the floor. I insisted froyo was a must and am glad we got it. I got the dulce de leche and pumpkin frozen yogurt with a ton of toppings. SO good!
We had a first this weekend and that was time out time. Is is possible to have terrible two's at 11 months old?! Autumn threw two serious tantrums, one over wanting my fork and the other because I walked into the other room (even though she could still see me). The last few days all she has wanted is for me to hold her. So when I walked into the other room she lost her shit. Serious tantrum...screaming, flailing arms and was completely inconsolable. We decided to put her in her crib for her to calm down. She was calm again after a few minutes. We are in trouble if she's already throwing tantrums! 
I think Autumn's cranky mood started to wear off on me so we thought the best solution was to hitup Dunkin Donuts bright and early Sunday morning. What better way to celebrate the first day of Fall than with coffee and pumpkin donuts?!
Sunday was another productive day of packing, cleaning and errands. I also finished all of Autumn's birthday party decorations! I started to re-finish an old vanity I have. It's pretty worn right now so I thought a nice coat of paint will spruce it up just in time for the new move. Fingers crossed I have enough time to finish it before we move!!
When I was cleaning out Autumn's closet, I found her very first Halloween costume from last year. I just had to try it on her and it still fit! Well a little short in the legs but who cares. It was hilarious!!! We were dying laughing at her crawling around with her dragon claws and tail swinging in the air! Jack was completely perplexed and kept sniffing and chasing the dragon. It's these little moments that make parenthood the absolute best! Check out my Instagram (@jmed21) to see Jack chasing the little dragon!
Sunday night was the Luke Bryan concert, part deux. Since the last show got rained out, Luke was nice enough to reschedule for Sunday. As we were leaving, all these thunderstorm warnings were flashing everywhere. Not again!!! We headed out anyways and my friend said it was all clear at the concert. Once we got there is started to rain so we waited a few minutes. It stopped and looked like we were in the clear. We missed the first set because the line to get in was forever. Apparently everyone had the same idea to wait out the rain. Thompson Square went on and they were good, but really, I was just waiting for Luke. Towards the end of their set, you could see the storms (from multiple directions) coming in. Then bam, rain came! I can handle just rain but then it started lightening really bad and close. The announcers came on and said 'seek shelter immediately, we'll try to finish the show in a while'. Deja vu much?! This time we bolted to the car through what was now a torrential downpour. We were soaking wet and freezing!!! My pretty little boots were filled with water and I was literally drenched through a sweater and a jacket! Stupid storm. We ended up leaving, aka sitting through an hours worth of traffic. I heard he eventually went on stage but not until almost 10. Did I mention this was a Sunday, I'm 30 and had work at 7am this morning?! Ya, we left. I was super disappointed not to see Luke but we were just too wet and too cold to sit through an hour show. Maybe someday I'll see him in concert! Sigh.
Last time, from a porta potty 
So if this Monday couldn't get any better, I was on my way to my final chiropractor appointment from my car accident in July. I was sitting at a red light then BAM! I was plowed by a transport VAN in my rear bumper! Ok, so plowed is a little dramatic but I was definitely rear-ended. Grrrrrr! It was a big van/bus thing that transports people to the casino and apparently he didn't see the red light. Just when I thought I was done dealing with insurance, car repairs and chiropractor appointments. Well I guess I'm just lucky that he didn't hit me hard enough to push me into the very busy intersection during rush hour traffic. Maybe this is a sign I need to trade-in my moving target of a car and upgrade to something else?! Yes!

Well there was our not so exciting but very productive weekend and a Monday that just needs to end. Onto this week of a baby shower, more packing and pumpkin picking for the babes birthday in just two weeks! Ahhhh, pinch me!


49 weeks and a Birthday Fiesta

Old age is really catching up to me!  I thought I had posted this last week and just saw it in my draft folder. Oops! Anyhow, a week late...

Whew! I can't believe it's already Tuesday! We had a long weekend which started off with some birthday celebrations for yours truly on Saturday.

My parents threw me a fiesta at their house complete with a taco bar and margaritas! We had a great turnout with family and friends. No fiesta would be complete without a piñata! Haha. This was not your average piñata though, because it was filled with miniatures of tequila!! Boom! 

I got some awesome gifts which included an old lady starter pack (which I fully intend on using!), a chalkboard kit for the wall at the new house, tons of Starbucks cards (they know me too well!), the universal gift ($$$) and best of all (aside from the house) a big girl camera!!! My parents are far too good to me and spoiled me with this awesome camera that is way too cool for me! I need a class just to use it! It has tons of accessories and lenses for everything. It'll be perfect for snapping pics of Autumn, my cakes and everything in between.

The party was so awesome! We had a great time visiting with everyone and just relaxing in the cool fall weather. Autumn thought it was awesome too and was a little ham soaking up all the attention...and cake! I wanted to see what she'd do with a cake and girlfriend went for it, didn't get scared when everyone sang, and LOVED cake! I think we are good to go for her bday. With all that said frosting, she was wired and refused to take a nap! Needless to say, she crashed hard come nap time. 

Sunday, once our marg hangovers wore off, we had our usual breakfast, I played with the new camera and some more birthday planning stuff for Autumn.  I swear Ill be done sometime. 

Both Ernest and I were off Monday, which was intended to pack, but Aunt Lucy's services were instead. I was glad to be off so I could attend everything. Autumn had a blast at church and the rosery being a little ham. She would dance everytime the music came on and kept trying to talk to other kids there! It was a LONG service so there were several walks outside too. Ernest was sitting in back, his mom went to the bathroom and Autumn spotted her from far away and said 'hey' a few times to get her attention. Grandma didn't hear her so Autumn screamed SO loud to get her attention! I could immediately tell it was her!! LOL! That's my kid! She doesn't quite have that whole church is a quiet and sacred place, yet.

Aside from Autumns little show, it was a pretty somber day. I feel like I need a day off from my day off! We spent the evening coloring, shopping for new appliances and tile for the bathroom. 

Happy (short) week...for me! Three days of work then another long weekend, oh ya! 


My birthday came early this year

As you are probably getting sick of hearing about know my birthday is...tomorrow! What?! A few weeks ago I generated my birthday list. Numero uno on that list was a house. We've been looking for over a year now. Guess what?! The birthday gods were super kind to me and got me a house!!!!

Just kidding, it was really Ernest (please don't tell him he's a god), but he bought us a house! Ok, well it's our house and we are so SUPER excited!
We actually bought it a few weeks ago but things have been cray so I'm just getting around to posting about it. We were literally looking for over a year and I thought 'we are never going to find a house', it just felt hopeless. But the right house was just waiting for us. It found us and we it. We were super picky about what we wanted...good neighborhood, East side of town, room to grow, one story (this was huge for me) and a house with character...all within our budget. This proved to be harder than we thought. But with lots of persistence, the house was ours.

Onto the actual house...it's in Nob Hill, which is a super cute neighborhood here with lots of restaurants, bars, fun shops and pedestrian friendly streets.The houses are older and filled with charm. Which this house has tons of! The house was built in the 50s and still has the original wood floors, huge windows and an absolutely adorable playroom! It is a bit modernized but not so much which allows us to make changes and make it truly ours. This was huge for us! There are great trees all around too! You truly have to see the house to appreciate it, these pictures do not do it justice! Oh, and I haven't taken any of my own photos so these are all from the realtor :/
Right off the bat, we're painting it throughout and re-staining the floors. Here's an inspiration pic for what we have in mind.
We're also going to buy new appliances for the kitchen, spruce up the garage and storage room, put some carpet in Autumn's playroom and maybe re-do our bathroom. I'd also like to make the yard more kid friendly too. Since our lease isn't up in our current house until the end of October, we have some time to do the work we want, pack and then move sometime in October (after all the first birthday celebrations subside). Since it'll be October, you know what that means? It's going to be a mad dash to decorate for Halloween! Eeeek! #firstworldproblems

I'm keeping the colors of Autumn's room the same...gray, white and yellow. Since I'm finally able to paint, we're doing big gray and white horizontal stripes in her room! Super excited about this! Her room will be a lot bigger than what we currently have so I can finally hang up more artwork, shelving and some other goodies.
In the kitchen, I'd eventually like to bust down a wall and open it up to the dining room. Then we'll re-cabinet it with some IKEA stuff. That's a project for another day though. The cabinets it has now are newer and pretty nice. The best part is, the kitchen looks onto Autumn's playroom.
Autumn's playroom...also known as my favorite room in the house, is just awesome! It is filled with a ton of light since two walls are glass windows/doors. It is also pretty large which will be nice to fit all her toys (girlfriend has a ton!) and her new teepee. Remember that awesome green/aqua color I wanted to paint the high chair? Well I'm painting one wall in her playroom that colors! It's going to look awesome with all the other gray walls, white trim and bright windows. I have a million and one ideas for her room. You can see what I have brewing on my Pinterest Playroom board.
the playroom as it stands currently
There are about a million more ideas we have for the house, including some new furniture too! You can check out all my pins here.

So there you have it. That is why I have been so busy...birthday planning and house designing, whew! We're so excited to move in and make this house our home! Now to hire packers/movers and get mommy a drink!