11 Months!

We are in the home stretch to the first birthday! If I could stop time right at this very moment I would! I want Autumn this little and squishy forever and ever and ever!!! 
We love selfies!
I've been busy printing pictures of Autumn Jane since she was born and oh, every single one melts my heart. I may or may not have had tears streaming down my face as I hit 'order'. It's hard to believe she was so little such a short time ago and now she is this lively, fierce, loving, happy, little wild child. She isn't even a baby anymore. She is more of an independent little lady. Be still my heart. 
{Height/Weight} still growing strong but we won't find out official stats til her one year appointment. 

{Sleep} Like a champ. She rarely (knock on wood!) wakes up during the night. She's been sleeping a little later but that still varies week to week. Usually goes to bed around 7 until 6-7:30am. For naps, she's still taking a cat nap shortly after she wakes up, another morning nap and then a long afternoon nap around 2. She's very good about letting us know when it's nap time. She doesn't go down as easily as bedtime but once she stops fighting it she's good. Autumn still loves her muslin blanket over her head and her butt in the air. So cute! 

{Eating} oh eating, or rather not eating. We are in a weird transition stage where she is SUPER picky about what she eats. One second she'll want something and the very next she won't. She purses her lips and turns her head. Unless we bring out puffs then suddenly she's hungry again. It's a constant battle. I bought her some of the foods she chowed down on at Costco and she wouldn't eat any of it! She'll still eat her purées and oatmeal mostly and occasionally bites of our food. She does great with fruit and veggies I eat and share with her. Her favorites are cucumbers, peaches, pears, watermelon, melon. Basically almost all fruits/veggies. Autumn still refuses to eat any kind of meat, bean or legume. Basically all protein. We've tried every technique...baby led weaning, purees, smoothies, etc. whatever will get her to eat! We're hoping she outgrows this picky stage. 
{Clothes} We have a huge summer mix of 3-6, 6 and 9 month clothes all or which still fit her. Only rompers in 3-6 fit but buttons are starting to pop with cloth diapers on so those will be retired soon! Once this crazy heat finally settles down it'll be time for some 9-12 month fall clothes. I keep saying 'fall' in hopes that Mother Nature gets the hint. 
{Activity} this should be more like, what isn't she doing! This busy lady is everywhere and into everything these days! She is always on the move crawling like a flash of lightening and exploring everything around her. She is standing up on everything and walking around the furniture and to/from the couch to table. She's stood a few times by herself but then drops and crawls away since she's faster that way. She loves being on the go and out and about. Autumn is also an artist now! In the morning, we put her in the nap nanny with a bottle and she watches cartoons! Can it get any more adorable?! She saw a commercial the other day for some talking puppy movie, sat straight up, waved her arms and started screaming. She was a little excited about it. Autumn loves, loves loves animals!!! 
{Social} She has been extremely attached to me lately! Pretty much, if I'm in the room she only wants me to hold her. I'm not complaining because I love spending every second with her. Except when I need to shower, then it's a little hard. Ill savor these moments of her only wanting her mama and will try to bank these memories for when she's a teenager! Autumn also LOVES to scream, yell and squeal as loud as she can! And loves to laugh and see you laugh. I could go on an on! Autumn is a regular at the beauty shop and loves having her hair done by her cousin. She's had French braids, pig tails, a top knot and a side pony tail. 
{Milestone} Nothing big to report other than getting more brave with her standing and moving everywhere. She says dada. Mama, hey, jack and now yuck, lol. Not that she fully understands the meaning of these words but they're still cute to hear. She also waves goodbye and gives high fives. 

{Favorite moment} this is an ongoing one but it gets cuter each time. When Ernest puts her in the car seat in his truck, he hands her giraffy and she grabs it and hugs it so closely. She wont let go until he pulls her out. That is her favorite stuffed animal. She loves all stuffed animals! 
This has been the funniest age so far! Autumn Jane has such a big personality and is just the light in our everyday. 
We love our sweet girl! 
She thinks it's hilarious when I wrap her up like a baby

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