47 Weeks and Labor Day Weekend

Is it just me or has waking up this week been even harder than usual?! I must have hit 'snooze' 18 times before actually getting up this morning. It was probably mostly due to my late bedtimes, busy weekend, oh and sleeping in 'late' which messed up my schedule. 7am is the new 10am #parentproblems.
She loves seeing herself in the phone camera.
I was a master of all things first birthday and got a TON of stuff done! Friday Autumn, my mom and myself went to get some more supplies. Table cloths, plates, cups, some decorations, etc. I also bought the stuff to make the numbers for Autumn's monthly banner, a 'happy birthday' banner, tissue paper for a tassel garland and some bunting for her cake. Boom! I'm feeling good about all that's been accomplished already!
We also had way too much fun at Party City trying on ridiculous hats and masks. I don't think Autumn was nearly as amused as my mom and I!
One of the other things I've been on the hunt for is a tutu for the party and her one year photos. I haven't found one with colors I liked or they were just ridiculously expensive with shipping. I've seen a few tutorials on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a whirl. Since the tulle was 40% off at Hobby Lobby, it solidified my decision to make it. I finished it up in about 2 hours and am SO SO happy with the way it turned out! It has the colors I want, it's super fluffy and only cost $12 to make! I was really excited to try it on her but since she was already in bed I resorted to trying it on Jack. Ernest also modeled the tutu for me but threatened to pull out some equally embarrassing pictures of me if I dare post it. So I leave you with this mental picture...Ace Ventura Pet Detective. BWAHAHAHA!
Saturday we ran some errands and I got more party stuff finished while Autumn napped. I also did a mini photoshoot of her in our jungle of a yard for her one year invites. We went to Costco where little miss grumpy pants didn't want anything to do with being there. Until she saw me munching on a BBQ sandwich sample. She wanted it bad! I gave her a bite and she ate the rest of it AND a piece of hot dog, a Dorito, a rice cracker, 2 cups of apple sauce and some pomegranite juice! Everything I've been trying to prevent her from eating she ate in an hour span! She rarely (ok, never) eats that  much so I just went with it. And little diva wanted more as soon as she was done so I had to keep those samples coming. A girl after my own heart. 

Saturday night we hung with Ernest's parents and put Autumn to bed way too late. She slept in a little bit Sunday. We went to breakfast then headed home to get ready for the wine fest. 
Now we could have taken Autumn to the wine fest with us but a.) It was hot as hell b.) we didnt want her around a bunch of drunks and c.) we didn't want to be those parents! Grandma J picked us up and took us so we could enjoy our wine and Autumn got to spend time with her Grandparents. Win-Win. We had a blast hanging with friends and sampling chugging the wine! 
Monday we had some more errands and stuff to do, hung with Tots and Gigi and worked on some more birthday stuff. Autumn took a 3.5 hour nap! I didn't know what to do with myself for the last 2 hours or her nap! We took a run to Target looking for fall decorations.
This is how Autumn sits in the cart. Relaxed much?
Can you guess what was on my mind at Target?
This little girl is so much fun! Guess who is going to be 11 months old in a few days?!
A schmoke and a pancake! Just kidding. It's a baby cracker!

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