48 Weeks and a Weekend Recap

I am super slacker and haven't updated Autunn's chalkboard in two weeks! Oh wait, I'm not a slacker I have just been busy with an eleven month old (who currently has her feet in my face), planning a birthday party, trying not to hyperventilate about my fast approaching birthday, and some other stuff that I'll be sharing soon!
Friday we got to hang out with Stacy and she brought Autumn some early bday gifts from Ikea. She got some faux sheepskin rugs (that happen to look like Jacks fur right now!) for her teepee and some straws (her favorite!). Autumn LOVED the rugs! She couldn't stop rubbing her legs on them, pulling them, squealing and rolling around on them! Funniest thing ever!

I was surprised at home with a boat load of goodies from Etsy. Someone's bday present came in, some awesome straws and other goodies for Autumn's birthday. I'm single-handed keeping Etsy and the Post Office in business!
Saturday we had some errands to run then we met up with my friend Alex and hit up the growers market downtown. It never disappoints! It was blazing hot and I didn't have the stroller (seriously!) so it was a quick but fruitful trip! We then hit up Hobby Lobby for some more bday decorations. Alex helped me a lot with some great ideas! I only have a few more things to finish up and then we are ready for the big day! 
I took a late night Target run and found this little spot of heaven. The Halloween/Fall section in the paper isle. I literally had to force myself out before everything landed in my basket! I will be back though!
There was also this amazing section of funny unicorn cards. My Aunt Joyce and I have a running joke about unicorns so these were just perfect! Who doesn't love unicorns, glitter, candy corn and raunchy humor?!

Ernest helped me craft Saturday night. Ya right, he drank, I worked...with a beer in hand. Typical Saturday night. 
Ernest not shown.
Sunday Autumn and I got up 'late' and did some grocery shopping. 
I love everything about this picture. Bedhead like it's her job, death grip on her puppy and superstar shades. Love this chic!
Later on, we did some finger painting outside. It did not go as smooth as I'd planned. Mostly there was more paint on us than anywhere else and Autumn was not impressed. Fail. At least we got some cool art! 
Then it was green chili time. My fav!! Alex and I went halfers on a sack but ultimately got two different batches because she's a badass and I'm a wimp! The little store we went to was super cute with tons of fresh goods and the chili roasting smelled amazing!! We chatted and peeled the chili for an eternity but it was so worth it! This is by far one of my favorite NM traditions! 
I can't wait for the other great NM fall traditions we have coming up...tailgating at a football game, the balloon fiesta, pumpkin patch and of course both my birthday and Autumn's! This is going to be a fun filled few weeks!

P.S. I'm total nerd status and was beyond excited when my favorite blogger, Jessica from Little Baby Garvin started following me on Instagram (@jmed21) and liking my pics!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of her with the shades and the puppy!! It's too much! She is SO adorable!

  2. Autumn is so cute! Are those hatch chilies? They are selling them here near DC!! I bought some a few years ago. And I'm with you on the birthday planning, I keep putting it off ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  3. I'm loving Autumn's long hair and bedhead! Aislynn has the worst bedhead and then proceeds to roll around all day...just making her hair worse!

  4. Seriously, Autums hair is the best! Such a cutie!!!