49 weeks and a Birthday Fiesta

Old age is really catching up to me!  I thought I had posted this last week and just saw it in my draft folder. Oops! Anyhow, a week late...

Whew! I can't believe it's already Tuesday! We had a long weekend which started off with some birthday celebrations for yours truly on Saturday.

My parents threw me a fiesta at their house complete with a taco bar and margaritas! We had a great turnout with family and friends. No fiesta would be complete without a piñata! Haha. This was not your average piñata though, because it was filled with miniatures of tequila!! Boom! 

I got some awesome gifts which included an old lady starter pack (which I fully intend on using!), a chalkboard kit for the wall at the new house, tons of Starbucks cards (they know me too well!), the universal gift ($$$) and best of all (aside from the house) a big girl camera!!! My parents are far too good to me and spoiled me with this awesome camera that is way too cool for me! I need a class just to use it! It has tons of accessories and lenses for everything. It'll be perfect for snapping pics of Autumn, my cakes and everything in between.

The party was so awesome! We had a great time visiting with everyone and just relaxing in the cool fall weather. Autumn thought it was awesome too and was a little ham soaking up all the attention...and cake! I wanted to see what she'd do with a cake and girlfriend went for it, didn't get scared when everyone sang, and LOVED cake! I think we are good to go for her bday. With all that said frosting, she was wired and refused to take a nap! Needless to say, she crashed hard come nap time. 

Sunday, once our marg hangovers wore off, we had our usual breakfast, I played with the new camera and some more birthday planning stuff for Autumn.  I swear Ill be done sometime. 

Both Ernest and I were off Monday, which was intended to pack, but Aunt Lucy's services were instead. I was glad to be off so I could attend everything. Autumn had a blast at church and the rosery being a little ham. She would dance everytime the music came on and kept trying to talk to other kids there! It was a LONG service so there were several walks outside too. Ernest was sitting in back, his mom went to the bathroom and Autumn spotted her from far away and said 'hey' a few times to get her attention. Grandma didn't hear her so Autumn screamed SO loud to get her attention! I could immediately tell it was her!! LOL! That's my kid! She doesn't quite have that whole church is a quiet and sacred place, yet.

Aside from Autumns little show, it was a pretty somber day. I feel like I need a day off from my day off! We spent the evening coloring, shopping for new appliances and tile for the bathroom. 

Happy (short) week...for me! Three days of work then another long weekend, oh ya! 

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