51 Weeks...let the countdown begin!

Blogger is being a pain and won't let me rotate pictures. I've re-tried it a million, gazillion times. I give up so sideways pictures is how I'm rolling today. Sorry. 

Well we are officially on the one week countdown. to Autumns one whole year of life! Get ready for lots of posts this week, endless tears and constant gushing about my sweet babe!
Autumn is doing so many new things just this last week. Yesterday she blew kisses! It was so cute! She can also hold her own cup, drink from the cup or drink from a straw on her own without a lid. She also helps me get her dressed by putting her arm or legs out and is always fascinated when she can see her hand come out of the sleeve. Sometimes we miss and she looks like a mermaid instead...
She's had a walker for a while now but only this week did she actually start using it to its full potential and has been running like a mad woman in it! Autumn also backs up, turns and is getting into a whole new world of stuff. Guess it's time to childproof again! She'll be walking in no time!

The sweetest thing she's been doing is giving hugs! We were at breakfast yesterday and her Auntie Allison was leaving, Autumn wanted her to hold her and she surprised us all by wrapping her arms around Allison in the biggest bear hug she could give. OMG it was the sweetest thing! Then we were leaving my parents house and she did the same thing to my dad. Autumn is just a little cuddle bug! This is my favorite thing ever! She usually ends her bear hug with a big open mouth kiss! Love her!
This past week was spent getting ready for a garage sale, packing and working on the house. The NEW refrigerated air and heating has been worked on the past couple days and is finally done! After a few hiccups in getting it installed, we were finally done dealing with the grumpy old man doing the work on Saturday afternoon! The flooring was also started this weekend. Everything should be finished up by the end of the week! So excited to see and share the final results!
Since I was busy with the garage sale and taking care of stuff at the new house on Saturday,  I wasn't able to spend time with baby A. We made up for it by taking a million and one pictures in the cutest skeleton jammies and a pumpkin, of course. I'm having so much fun with the new camera!
We had breakfast Sunday with the fam. Autumn played with her birthday toys (luckily, she won't remember), picked tomatoes with Grandma B and played on the tractor. 

 After breakfast yesterday, Autumn and I went to my parents house to hit up a pumpkin patch by them. I was looking just for some corn stalks and hay but we were surprised with how awesome the pumpkin patch was! And it was free to get in! I have a serious obsession with pumpkins and bought more. Ooops. Autumn had a blast taking in all the pumpkin patch decor, the kids, the sheep, mini-horses (I want one!), chickens, rabbits, a corn pit and of course all the pumpkins! Our next house needs to be a farm because we just love all animals!

Final party prep is in full motion! I found tons of great pumpkins at Trader Joes for relatively inexpensive (thanks Tara!). Until the party, the little guys are hanging out in the house. I'm so sad I can't decorate during the move :( so pumpkins will have to do for now.   

Sorry this post is all over the place and mostly just pictures but it's sort of indicative of how my mind is functioning today! haha.
I'm going to be savoring these next few days with our 11 month old in all their glory before she is the big ONE! 

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