My birthday came early this year

As you are probably getting sick of hearing about know my birthday is...tomorrow! What?! A few weeks ago I generated my birthday list. Numero uno on that list was a house. We've been looking for over a year now. Guess what?! The birthday gods were super kind to me and got me a house!!!!

Just kidding, it was really Ernest (please don't tell him he's a god), but he bought us a house! Ok, well it's our house and we are so SUPER excited!
We actually bought it a few weeks ago but things have been cray so I'm just getting around to posting about it. We were literally looking for over a year and I thought 'we are never going to find a house', it just felt hopeless. But the right house was just waiting for us. It found us and we it. We were super picky about what we wanted...good neighborhood, East side of town, room to grow, one story (this was huge for me) and a house with character...all within our budget. This proved to be harder than we thought. But with lots of persistence, the house was ours.

Onto the actual house...it's in Nob Hill, which is a super cute neighborhood here with lots of restaurants, bars, fun shops and pedestrian friendly streets.The houses are older and filled with charm. Which this house has tons of! The house was built in the 50s and still has the original wood floors, huge windows and an absolutely adorable playroom! It is a bit modernized but not so much which allows us to make changes and make it truly ours. This was huge for us! There are great trees all around too! You truly have to see the house to appreciate it, these pictures do not do it justice! Oh, and I haven't taken any of my own photos so these are all from the realtor :/
Right off the bat, we're painting it throughout and re-staining the floors. Here's an inspiration pic for what we have in mind.
We're also going to buy new appliances for the kitchen, spruce up the garage and storage room, put some carpet in Autumn's playroom and maybe re-do our bathroom. I'd also like to make the yard more kid friendly too. Since our lease isn't up in our current house until the end of October, we have some time to do the work we want, pack and then move sometime in October (after all the first birthday celebrations subside). Since it'll be October, you know what that means? It's going to be a mad dash to decorate for Halloween! Eeeek! #firstworldproblems

I'm keeping the colors of Autumn's room the same...gray, white and yellow. Since I'm finally able to paint, we're doing big gray and white horizontal stripes in her room! Super excited about this! Her room will be a lot bigger than what we currently have so I can finally hang up more artwork, shelving and some other goodies.
In the kitchen, I'd eventually like to bust down a wall and open it up to the dining room. Then we'll re-cabinet it with some IKEA stuff. That's a project for another day though. The cabinets it has now are newer and pretty nice. The best part is, the kitchen looks onto Autumn's playroom.
Autumn's playroom...also known as my favorite room in the house, is just awesome! It is filled with a ton of light since two walls are glass windows/doors. It is also pretty large which will be nice to fit all her toys (girlfriend has a ton!) and her new teepee. Remember that awesome green/aqua color I wanted to paint the high chair? Well I'm painting one wall in her playroom that colors! It's going to look awesome with all the other gray walls, white trim and bright windows. I have a million and one ideas for her room. You can see what I have brewing on my Pinterest Playroom board.
the playroom as it stands currently
There are about a million more ideas we have for the house, including some new furniture too! You can check out all my pins here.

So there you have it. That is why I have been so busy...birthday planning and house designing, whew! We're so excited to move in and make this house our home! Now to hire packers/movers and get mommy a drink!


  1. Gorgeous house. Congrats. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    My birthday is tomorrow too :)

  2. Hope you had a great birthday!! Congratulations on the new house...so super exciting!