Wednesday Wish List

I've been putting together a mental list of what to get everyone for Christmas (I know, already). Somehow, whenever I'm trying to shop for someone else, I find a gazillion and one things for myself. These are a few things that I am craving for myself lately...

{Slippers} Our new (old) house gets pretty cold in the mornings when I'm up at 5:30am (yuck!) and all I have are a bunch of mis-matched socks that don't really keep my feet warm. I bought a pair of slippers from Costco the other day, who can beat $10?! They're super comfy but have a hard sole that clicks as I walk all over our wood floors. This is not good when there is a sleeping baby to keep asleep. I found these cozy looking ones from J.Crew. It looks like the sole is soft. Here's hoping!

{scarves} J.Crew did it again with this chevron, gray infinity scarf. Three of my favorite things wrapped up into one cozy scarf.

{Hunter Boots} These boots have been on my list for a while but somehow haven't actually made it on my feet. Someday I tell you, someday! Santa, if you're reading this...size 8, dark olive. :)

{Dining Room Light} I've loved this allen + roth light for a long time. It will look perfect in our dining room!

{Plaid} If I could wear a uniform of just plaid, I'd be in heaven. Pair this with a sweater over and I'd be over the moon!

{Jacket} I have an unhealthy obsession with jackets, vests and any type of outerwear. I literally have close to 20 jackets in our overflow closet. Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm addicted to jackets.This H&M jacket is the perfect combo of casual-glam.

This list could probably go on forever (and ever) but I'll stop at five...today.

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Happy Hump Day ya'll!


Our Weekend in Pictures

We spent our weekend cleaning out the old house (ok, hiring someone to clean it out), moving more stuff and unpacking. Boring, I know. We managed to get some fun in though.

Autumn received her first Citrus Lane package. 
I've been waiting for a good subscription box and this is it. For $15 shipped, you can't go wrong. No, this is not a sponsored post, we just really liked it.

She loved all the goodies.

Especially the book.

She splashed like she's never splashed before in the bath.
You would think all that splashing would have her sleeping like a baby. Nope. Autumn was up from 11:30-3:30am on Friday. YUCK! We're not quite sure what was going on, boo.

We took a break from all the moving for a little sushi. It was Autumn's first time trying it. Don't worry, it was only a California roll. She also had egg roll, edemame and miso soup. She LOVED it! The wait staff did not. Girlfriend left a mess of rice all around her. Oops!

We had some early morning play time in her teepee.

Finally re-stocked the kitchen at Costco. And bought her Halloween costume. I wanted to make her costume but with everything else, there just wasn't enough time. So lame. But she'll look super cute in her costume anyways!

We finally broke in the new chalkboard wall.

She takes her drawings so seriously and just loved writing on the wall. Lets just hope she doesn't think this is ok everywhere!! Eeek!

Looking forward to being out of our old house, settling in some more and of course, Halloween! I'm going to reignite my Halloween spirit by making some pumpkin cupcakes tonight. Yum!


One Year Photos/Family Photos

I finally hooked up the computer and internet at the new pad and was finally able to download our family photos! 

We took them a few weeks ago with the talented Summer from La Bela Photography. We chose to have them at the Los Poblanos open space during the Balloon Fiesta. Summer asked us when we got there if we wanted any balloons in the shots, my reply was 'if it happens, it happens, if not oh well.' We were all in for a treat because a few balloons decided to land in the field we were at! We seriously could not have planned it any better!!
Autumn was popping three teeth at the time of our pictures, was up the night before so honestly, we were all a bit tired. It was also freezing cold. I had planned on taking pics with Autumn's pink ombre tutu that I made and her 'one' shirt. But by the time we got to changing her into that outfit, she was beyond over everything! Poor babe, we couldn't argue with that. Regardless, we are so so so happy with how our photos turned out! Autumn was such a trooper and looks absolutely adorable! We will treasure these forever! Without further ado, lots of pictures...
One of my favs!
 I'm in LOVE with how the teepee pictures came out!
You can even see her drool from teething, poor babe!
Holding a kiss for that long is harder than it seems. I'm 5 and couldn't stop laughing. It shows. :/


Christmas in October?

Yes, please! I have had a major case of the Christmas spirit lately! I blame it on our early pumpkin festivities for Autumn's birthday, endless watching of Hocus Pocus and a diet consisting of pumpkin everything for the last month and a half. I pretty much got out all of my fall wishes already.

So now, all I can think of are Christmas trees, garlands and Starbucks red cups. Sigh. Lucky for me, the stores have also caught the early Christmas bug too so I can go wild in the stores and online! Since we're still unpacking I've (I meaning Ernest) banned myself from shopping until everything is put away. You can bet my Christmas decorations are eagerly waiting at the storage room door to bust out in all their glittery glory as soon as Halloween passes! In the meantime, I've been internet window shopping. Some of my favs are...
 This fun, festive garland will look perfect around Autumn's teepee! Some of my other favs...to hang on the fireplace, on the chalkboard wall (which I've yet to break-in!) or on the dog.

I'm in LOVE with these PB stockings! I think Jack needs one too :) dogs can have stockings, right?!
{Elf on the Shelf} 
Last year I was a little obsessed with Elf on the Shelf...even though we didn't actually have one. On IG, you can search #elfontheshelf and see all the funny things people do with their elves. Autumn still probably won't be old enough to get it, but Ernest will just have to humor me and play along!
{festive jammies}
I want to start a new tradition for Autumn and get her jammies to open Christmas Eve. No reason why we can't get in on this tradition too with some red footie jams...with our names monogrammed on them! Too much?! Naaaahhhh!
{red cups}
You know, those red cups. Is there any other kind beside Starbucks red cups?! Nope. There's something about them that make a $5 coffee just taste better. Did you know there is an entire website with a countdown to the Red Cups return?! It returns in approximately 7 days, 11 hours and 35 minutes. Approximately. 
I may or may not have Christmas Vacation in the DVD player on repeat, Elf soundtrack playing and the Starbucks red cup countdown pulled up. Don't judge me!
Merry Weekend!

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Halloween PJ Party

There's nothing I love more than Halloween, Halloween footed PJ's and this little cutie in them! I'm linking up with Darci and Meredith for a Halloween PJ Party! 
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Autumn...ever!
These aren't technically PJ's but she looks damn cute!

And for a little throwback to a wee-bit Autumn from last Halloween...
I can't believe how tiny she was!
Happy Hump Day All!


Finding the Sweet in the Sour

I had a really sad post written about all the things going on right now. Then I decided, I have so much to be thankful for through all that sadness. So I'm here to write about finding the sweet in the sour. 
{good-bye} I really hate good-byes. Tomorrow we'll be at my little Grandma's funeral to celebrate (almost) 97 years of her life. That is amazing! Of course tomorrow is going to be difficult to say good-bye, but it's only good-bye for now. I'm thankful for all the memories I have to look back on of my little grandma. I will remember her feisty and determined personality more than anything! She was such a pistol!
This is the only pic I could find of my little Grandma!
{moving} Really, who likes to move (or pack)? Not me! I am sad to leave our old house and all the memories we've created in it. It was also the first place we brought Autumn to and has been her home for the last year. But we're about to embark on a whole new exciting journey of being homeowners. We get to decorate (and shop!), to create new memories and start new traditions as a family. I'm most excited about making the new house our home!
Our very messy house. I'll miss it though!
{next time} I made the difficult decision to bow out of the 10k race I was supposed to run Sunday morning. With everything else, it was just too much right now. I am thankful for my Aunt Carol (my running buddy) for being so understanding. I will be cheering her on in spirit while we finish moving. There will be another race, another goal and I will run again!
Cheers to finding the sweet in the sour! Happy Weekend!


One Year Stats

 We finally had Autumn's one year appointment this morning. This little lady is happy, healthy and growing right on target!
(This was my attempt at weighing and measuring her, not too far off!)

{Height} Giraffe. 29 1/4" (50-75th percentile)

{Weight} String bean. 19.15 lbs (10-25th percentile)

{Diaper size} 3...maybe someday this will be useful info?! Girlfriend had some major butt hanging out at the doctors so it may be time to go up a size.

{Clothes} 6-12, 9-12 or 12 month. Sadly I told everyone 12-18 for her birthday but she's still too little to fit in those clothes. Except her head...baby big head fits in a toddlers hat! Hahaha.

{Eating} Can a baby be a vegetarian? If so, Autumn is one! She rarely eats any kind of meat so I've been making her soy 'chicken' patties. The doctor told us to give her some liquid vitamins to supplement since she's a really picky eater. This makes feeding her really hard. Sometimes she'll surprise us and will eat like a champ. Most days she can be found eating: fruit, her coconut milk yogurt, pasta, some vegetables, her oatmeal and sometimes Puffs. She also loves Ernest's cookies! She would eat one a day if we let her (we don't). Truthfully, I'm just winging it here. I've tried making her several different things to try and it's rare that she'll eat it. I just buy organic and healthy foods (most of the time) that she'll actually eat. When she was eating purees it was so much easier! haha.

We're slowly transitioning her to coconut and rice milk and away from her soy formula. The plan was to switch last week but since she was teething horribly and we're moving this week, we're postponing until next week. I chose coconut, or other cow's milk alternates, because of her allergy she had previously. And, I just think non-animal based milks are the direction we want to keep with. She loves drinking out of a sippy cup but prefers just a cup with straws. Such a big girl! Now if we could just get her to eat better...

{Sleep} Ugh, sleep. It's been hit or miss the past few weeks. Some nights are great, others she'll wake up for a few hours. I attribute this fully to teething. 

{Teeth} 2 on bottom, 3 big ole teeth coming in on top. We hate those teeth! I'm considering just buying her dentures and forgoing this whole teething thing. I finally broke down and bought her an amber bead necklace. Should be in this week so we'll see how it works!
{Milestone} still not walking solo but she's very close! She stands by herself for a long time until she realizes it and plops down. She crawls around like a speed racer! Last weekend, she was trying to catch Ernest, got tripped up on herself and bonked her head. We thought she was just being dramatic because she wouldn't stop crying. It was dinner time so I put her down and we both freaked when we saw blood coming from her mouth! Poor baby either bit herself or cut herself with one of her razor sharp teeth. She had a little fat lip but was ok. We on the other hand took longer to recover. :(

{Words} Yuck is still her favorite! LOL! She says it so distinctly too which makes it even funnier. Mama, Dada, Jack, hey, balloo (balloon), boo and many indeciferable words. She baby babbles all the time and it's the cutest thing ever!! 

{Signs} More is the most used. Hungry. Mostly she just points if she wants something, lol. 

{Signature moves} Spinning herself around on her booty, dancing when music comes on (the cutest!), destroying rolls of toilet paper, giving hugs and kisses on demand (my fav!), shaking her head 'no' when she does something she's not supposed to be doing, playing in the refrigerator like it's her job, making other people laugh by being silly, cleaning up with a dish towel, playing peekaboo and chasing Jack around.

{Likes} Jack, animals, cartoons in the morning, bath time, splashing, playing in Jacks water bowl, hugging her stuffed animals, straws, cookies and probably a million other things I'm forgetting. 

{Dislikes} diaper changes, when I leave the room, meat, when she's overly tired, being held when she wants to get down. Shots! Poor babe had three today and they are really sore still! She is a really easy going baby most of the time! 

{Personality} She's a lot like me at first...kind of quiet and shy, super observant but once she warms up she's all Ernest. Big personality and a little ham! 

{Autumns proud moment} I was showering, she threw a fit and kept opening the shower curtain, got soaking wet, started screaming so I stripped her down and brought her in the shower with me. She freaked out from the water so we ended up taking a lukewarm, barely filled bath. Stage 5 clinger?! YES! But she loved taking a bath together. She kept looking at me like she couldn't believe it. So funny!

{Mom proud moment} I turned to wash my hands (because you know she was in the bathroom with me) and she stuck both arms in the toilet! Yuck! I washed her hands and arms about a gazillion times!

{Dad proud moment} Ernest was showering late and dropped something, which woke a teething Autumn up and he had to stay up with her for a few hours until she finally fell back asleep! Better him than me!

{Favorite moment} We've had so much fun the past few weeks celebrating this little one at her birthday party, on her birthday and then with family photos. She is such a joy and brings so much life and fulfillment to our everyday. Everyday with her is my favorite! But if I had to choose, our family photos were so fun. It really brought everything back full circle having the same photographer, who took her newborn pictures at just 7 days new and then an entire year later we were doing the same thing. It's amazing how much they grow and change is a years time!

We are just having so much fun with this little girl! Her personality is SO big and she's just so silly and incredibly loving. We couldn't be more in love with Autumn!