A Birthday and a Weekend Recap

Well, we officially have a one year old. Oh my!

Saturday was the big party celebration (more about that later), Sunday was Autumn's actual birthday which was a bit more mellow. We started the morning off bright and early at 4:28am to wish Autumn a Happy Birthday and to head out to the Balloon Fiesta with my mom and cousin Racquel. Before we headed out, Autumn was able to take a peak in her new teepee. She loved it! 
We were all a bit partied out from Saturday's festivities, but managed to grab some hot cocoa, breakfast burritos and Tom Thumb donuts. Autumn loved the balloons at first but then started to get crabby because she wanted to crawl all around and explore. With 50,000 people, that's just not possible! We walked around a lot to keep her happy and she was able to see tons of cool balloons. 
That's donut residue on her mouth...and in the dad's hair
On the ride home she was out cold! She didn't even wake up when we put her in the car seat, poor lovey! 
As soon as Ernest put her in the crib at home, she was wide awake and ready to go! We were not. Autumn would not take a nap despite being up so early. So we played with some of her new toys and teepee. 

Finally around 12:30 she fell asleep for the next two hours. I thought she'd be ready to go after, but nope. Crabby baby was here to stay. I blame the three teeth that have been trying to come in up top as the culprate. 
We had an early bird dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and Autumn loved it! We let her go to town on Mac n cheese, pasta and sauce, pizza and even Dr. Pepper! It was so funny watching her drink the soda, she'd make the worst face and then want more. Despite her liking for it, soda will not be making a regular occurrence with her!! 
When we got home, her little cheeks were so rosey and she just wasn't her usual happy self. She kept crying randomly and just wanted lots of snuggles. We managed to get in one last birthday song and wish for her. Poor babe didn't even want her cupcake :( We hate you teeth!
Sunday night was rough. She was up from 1-2:30am! Good thing I took off yesterday to get some packing done and just to hang out with Autumn. Our day went something like this...packing, refusing to nap, eating, packing, playing, packing, finally a nap (praise the heavens!), packing, more eating, Target, more eating, bath, bedtime. We didn't even get out of our jammies yesterday!
This little face just breaks my heart.
Unfortunately we had another rough night last night and a very early morning. I pray that these damn teeth just come out and leave us all alone!!!

Despite all the teething issues, we still had a great weekend celebrating this little life of hers. Thank God for this little miracle Autumn and all the joy and love she has brought to so many around her. 

Once I finally get some time to write all about the party, I'll be posting lots of pics of the cutest little birthday girl!

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