A Pumpkin Birthday Party

After months of planning, Autumn's Pumpkin Birthday party finally came to fruition. I loved every second, detail and little pumpkin of it! Are you ready for some picture overload?! Here goes...
The overall theme was Autumn...both my Autumn and the season. It was all about celebrating one year of Autumn, rich colors, pumpkins and everything I love about fall wrapped up into one party.
Since we're mid move aka. in a cardboard paradise at our house, my parents graciously let us have the party at their pad. I think I would have had it there anyways because it's gorgeous and perfect for a fall party! Thanks Mom and Dad!! 

Again, lots of oranges and earth tones and a TON of pumpkins. I wanted a variety of types of pumpkins and gourdes to add interest. I had both real pumpkins and gourdes and some fake ones.
I had to do the giant number 1 in pictures by the gifts. I may have sobbed a little a lot as I was hanging the pictures and remembering how little she once was :( 
All those weekly chalkboards came in handy for the mason jar centerpieces. 
I also had her monthly picture garland for everyone to see just how much she changed in a years time.
The much talked about vintage high chair!

I had a hot dog and chili bar with a bunch of different toppings. Oh and some Mac-n-cheese for good measure! A chili bar wouldn't be complete without some Fritos. When you have Fritos, you need queso! The selection was all about comfort foods! Perfect for the chilly Saturday we had.

The dessert table (also knows as my favorite spot in the whole place) was filled with tons of yummy stuff. A smash cake (of course), caramel apples and caramel grapes with nuts (idea from Little Baby Garvin), chocolate covered pretzels, 'one' rice krispies, spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and the best pumpkin fluff dip served with little cups of graham cracker sticks and mandarin oranges. Recipes to come soon!

I had tons of pictures leftover from the mason jars and didn't have time to get balloons as a backdrop for the dessert, like I originally wanted to do. So I just used a mason jar and some good ole sticks and washi tape. Wa-la insta backdrop! 
For drinks, we had Fall Sangria, caramel apple cider and Sam Adams Harvest mix.
I couldn't send everyone home empty handed so I made these cute paper bags filled with salted caramel popcorn and candy corn. Yum! 

{pumpkin patch}
This was one of my favorite parts of the whole party and was a HUGE hit with the kiddos and even the smaller babies. 

I set out the pumpkins and hay, let the kids pick out the pumpkin and had buckets full of fun decorations. I found a great pack of eyes, scars, mouths, etc that were self adhesive and perfect for the kids to create. Even Autumn and her cousin Peyton got in on the action! 

After everyone stuffed their faces ate, it was smash cake time.

The cake turned out exactly how I wanted it...except I put it on a cake stand as I usually do without thinking that my teeny tiny little baby wouldn't even be able to reach it! #epicfail
There is a baby back there!


Oh well, it didn't stop Autumn from digging right in...

...then trying to feed some to everyone around her. She's so generous.

We finally just let her have a cupcake so she could actually take more than just an icing bite.

By this time, it was already far past nap time. Who has time for a nap when you're the life of the party?! And when you have a million presents to open! This kid made out like a bandit! Opening presents with a one year old is difficult, to say the least. We were just blowing through gifts to try and keep her happy and from crawling away. She got some awesome stuff...tons or fall/winter clothes, a little car, a few walkers and countless other gifts. We are SO blessed!
It was a lot of work putting together the party but soooo worth every second. I know Autumn will probably never remember her first birthday party, but I will and so will everyone who came. And she'll have great pictures to look back on when she's older. I also wanted to celebrate all our family and friends who have helped us so much over this past year and to say 'thank you!'. 
THANK YOU to all our family and friends who were able to help us celebrate the first year of Autumns life!!!
The sun was a little bright! haha

Tutu: Handmade by me
Crown: Jameson Monroe
'One'sie: PD Studio Store
Photos Printed from: Foxgram
Garlands: All handmade by me. Supplies from Hobby Lobby
Kraft Food Trays: 3 Sweet Memories
Birch Straws: Fox and Hound Paperie
Wood Cutlery: Party Garden
Highchair: Vintage and painted by me
Decorations/Containers: vintage, Home Goods, a million other random places
Chalkboard (and writing): By me
Photos (the good ones): By my cousin Racquel


  1. Hi! i'm a new follower! Looks like she had a beautiful birthday party! :)

  2. Love the party!! What kinda of string or elastic did you use for her birthday crown.

  3. Hi! I was wondering where you got the cake topper/bunting?