Christmas in October?

Yes, please! I have had a major case of the Christmas spirit lately! I blame it on our early pumpkin festivities for Autumn's birthday, endless watching of Hocus Pocus and a diet consisting of pumpkin everything for the last month and a half. I pretty much got out all of my fall wishes already.

So now, all I can think of are Christmas trees, garlands and Starbucks red cups. Sigh. Lucky for me, the stores have also caught the early Christmas bug too so I can go wild in the stores and online! Since we're still unpacking I've (I meaning Ernest) banned myself from shopping until everything is put away. You can bet my Christmas decorations are eagerly waiting at the storage room door to bust out in all their glittery glory as soon as Halloween passes! In the meantime, I've been internet window shopping. Some of my favs are...
 This fun, festive garland will look perfect around Autumn's teepee! Some of my other favs...to hang on the fireplace, on the chalkboard wall (which I've yet to break-in!) or on the dog.

I'm in LOVE with these PB stockings! I think Jack needs one too :) dogs can have stockings, right?!
{Elf on the Shelf} 
Last year I was a little obsessed with Elf on the Shelf...even though we didn't actually have one. On IG, you can search #elfontheshelf and see all the funny things people do with their elves. Autumn still probably won't be old enough to get it, but Ernest will just have to humor me and play along!
{festive jammies}
I want to start a new tradition for Autumn and get her jammies to open Christmas Eve. No reason why we can't get in on this tradition too with some red footie jams...with our names monogrammed on them! Too much?! Naaaahhhh!
{red cups}
You know, those red cups. Is there any other kind beside Starbucks red cups?! Nope. There's something about them that make a $5 coffee just taste better. Did you know there is an entire website with a countdown to the Red Cups return?! It returns in approximately 7 days, 11 hours and 35 minutes. Approximately. 
I may or may not have Christmas Vacation in the DVD player on repeat, Elf soundtrack playing and the Starbucks red cup countdown pulled up. Don't judge me!
Merry Weekend!

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  1. hiii from the linkup!! :) great minds think alike... had a christmas theme going on today too! ;)

    and, girl. footie pajamas are always a yes. especially on christmas. and EVEN MORE SO with a monogram. approve approve approve!!!

    we stockings from that collection too!! LOVE EM!! ours are more red and green...and of course now i'm LOVING that gray color!!!

    hope you had a lovely friday!

  2. I have been wanting to go all CHRISTMAS around my house lately.. I don't know why I'm pushing it so much this year! ha! I just love that magical feeling that Christmas time brings! Happy I'm not the only one :)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)