Finding the Sweet in the Sour

I had a really sad post written about all the things going on right now. Then I decided, I have so much to be thankful for through all that sadness. So I'm here to write about finding the sweet in the sour. 
{good-bye} I really hate good-byes. Tomorrow we'll be at my little Grandma's funeral to celebrate (almost) 97 years of her life. That is amazing! Of course tomorrow is going to be difficult to say good-bye, but it's only good-bye for now. I'm thankful for all the memories I have to look back on of my little grandma. I will remember her feisty and determined personality more than anything! She was such a pistol!
This is the only pic I could find of my little Grandma!
{moving} Really, who likes to move (or pack)? Not me! I am sad to leave our old house and all the memories we've created in it. It was also the first place we brought Autumn to and has been her home for the last year. But we're about to embark on a whole new exciting journey of being homeowners. We get to decorate (and shop!), to create new memories and start new traditions as a family. I'm most excited about making the new house our home!
Our very messy house. I'll miss it though!
{next time} I made the difficult decision to bow out of the 10k race I was supposed to run Sunday morning. With everything else, it was just too much right now. I am thankful for my Aunt Carol (my running buddy) for being so understanding. I will be cheering her on in spirit while we finish moving. There will be another race, another goal and I will run again!
Cheers to finding the sweet in the sour! Happy Weekend!

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