Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all you ghouls and goblins!
Since I've been feeling a bit more Christmas than Halloween, I decided to amp up my original pumpkin love by baking some cookies for my co-workers...
Wrote on the chalkboard wall...
And set out some pumpkins.
My little pumpkin wasn't awake this morning when I left (because she woke up at 4:15am so she was snoozing), so unfortunately I wasn't able to dress her up this morning like I wanted. Boo :(

Once Grandma K brought her home, we quickly changed her into costume and brought her out to her adoring fans, aka Grams and Gramps M and her Auntie Allison. Our new neighbors Katie, Jason and Michelin (dressed up of course) came to visit too. Autumn loves Michelin!! 
We had a little photoshoot. Autumn loves the attention!! 
We ate scary finger cookies made by my mom. 
We waited for trick-or-treaters and Autumn played on her new toy. 
We got ONE set of kids! Boo! We played some more, Autumn was turbo crawling and bumped her head so it was bedtime after a meltdown. 
Then, as I was getting Autumn ready for bed I noticed hives all over her tummy and back! The mom in me freaked, ran to the store to get Benadryl. The pharmacist told us to call the doctor. The doctor said we just have to keep a close eye on her and keep the Benadryl up the next 24 hours. We still don't know what caused them since she hasn't had any new foods. Maybe something from outside?! Who knows. Poor babe! Hopefully they go away soon! 

Maybe she's allergic to strawberries! Haha! 
Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. Your girl looks precious in her costume! And I'm loving your chalkboard wall. You're really tempting me to just paint a wall in my house! ;) Hope you got the hives under control.

  2. I LOVE her costume! :) And those cookies look amazing. Anything dark chocolate and peanut butter is so good!