One Year Photos/Family Photos

I finally hooked up the computer and internet at the new pad and was finally able to download our family photos! 

We took them a few weeks ago with the talented Summer from La Bela Photography. We chose to have them at the Los Poblanos open space during the Balloon Fiesta. Summer asked us when we got there if we wanted any balloons in the shots, my reply was 'if it happens, it happens, if not oh well.' We were all in for a treat because a few balloons decided to land in the field we were at! We seriously could not have planned it any better!!
Autumn was popping three teeth at the time of our pictures, was up the night before so honestly, we were all a bit tired. It was also freezing cold. I had planned on taking pics with Autumn's pink ombre tutu that I made and her 'one' shirt. But by the time we got to changing her into that outfit, she was beyond over everything! Poor babe, we couldn't argue with that. Regardless, we are so so so happy with how our photos turned out! Autumn was such a trooper and looks absolutely adorable! We will treasure these forever! Without further ado, lots of pictures...
One of my favs!
 I'm in LOVE with how the teepee pictures came out!
You can even see her drool from teething, poor babe!
Holding a kiss for that long is harder than it seems. I'm 5 and couldn't stop laughing. It shows. :/


  1. They turned out great! Love the ones of her in her teepee!

  2. I love the photos! Albuquerque is my home town and I am just dying over to see a balloon!