Our Weekend in Pictures

We spent our weekend cleaning out the old house (ok, hiring someone to clean it out), moving more stuff and unpacking. Boring, I know. We managed to get some fun in though.

Autumn received her first Citrus Lane package. 
I've been waiting for a good subscription box and this is it. For $15 shipped, you can't go wrong. No, this is not a sponsored post, we just really liked it.

She loved all the goodies.

Especially the book.

She splashed like she's never splashed before in the bath.
You would think all that splashing would have her sleeping like a baby. Nope. Autumn was up from 11:30-3:30am on Friday. YUCK! We're not quite sure what was going on, boo.

We took a break from all the moving for a little sushi. It was Autumn's first time trying it. Don't worry, it was only a California roll. She also had egg roll, edemame and miso soup. She LOVED it! The wait staff did not. Girlfriend left a mess of rice all around her. Oops!

We had some early morning play time in her teepee.

Finally re-stocked the kitchen at Costco. And bought her Halloween costume. I wanted to make her costume but with everything else, there just wasn't enough time. So lame. But she'll look super cute in her costume anyways!

We finally broke in the new chalkboard wall.

She takes her drawings so seriously and just loved writing on the wall. Lets just hope she doesn't think this is ok everywhere!! Eeek!

Looking forward to being out of our old house, settling in some more and of course, Halloween! I'm going to reignite my Halloween spirit by making some pumpkin cupcakes tonight. Yum!

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  1. Love your rug & the chalkboard wall. After making a chalkboard for my kitchen, now I'm itching to have a wall!