'Twas the night before Autumn...

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a...ok, Jack was rolling around the couch like a crazy dog, I was making a very healthy dinner of Digorno pizza (which kinda grosses me out now) and chocolate chip cookies, Ernest got home late from work and we were settling in to watch some Jersey Shore. We keep it classy. This was the last time it was going to be just the three of us. Little did we know what was coming...
It was Friday October 5th, 2012. Nothing exciting. Just work, lots of sitting, walks to help all the aches my very swollen  and ever expanding body was going thru and just a ho-hum day. I didn't expect anything because the baby was content where she was, breech in my belly with no signs of showing up. The c-section was scheduled for October 15th, a whole ten days later, nothing to worry about. My co-worker said 'have a great weekend, if I don't see you.' We both just laughed, ha- ya right! 

That evening, my mom and I went to Target to grab some hospital bag essentials. A robe, nightgown, lady stuff and some other junk. I threw it on the dresser when I got home, telling myself I had plenty of time to wash everything. 

I went to bed unusually late, 11:30 maybe. Around 1 I woke up for 1 of my normal 8,000 trips to the bathroom a night. I got back in bed and quickly sat up again. Ummm, I just went to the bathroom so I know it can't be that. I waddled my way to he bathroom as quickly as I could. Holy shit. My water broke. 

I couldn't quite believe it. I thought maybe some weird thing was just going on. It didn't subside so I waddled back to our room and woke up Ernest. I told him 'my water broke, I'm going to call the doctor.' He mumbled and rolled back over. Really?! The doctor said to get in right away since the baby was still breech. It was go time. 

I think Ernest was still not fully believing it was go time, myself either. It took us almost an hour to even get out the door. I shoved my target bag of hospital things in my hospital bags (tags and all). I had been doing Hypnobabies the last trimester trying to mentally will the baby to turn. There were meditation tapes too and I can honestly say they helped. I was as cool as a cucumber from the moment my water broke, as I walked myself into the ER and through recovery. Pretty amazing. I wasn't frantically running around. I think this is what made Ernest think it wasn't real. We parked at the hospital and calmly walked in together. 

After the usual tests and exams, they determined it was officially go time and the baby was officially still breech. I had mentally been preparing myself for a csection from the moment it was brought up just a week earlier. For that, I am thankful. 

My parents showed up, we all chatted for a bit while they prepped the OR. My doula, Anne, also showed up at this time. She taught the breast feeding class I took so it was nice to see another familiar face. She prepped the OR for me with peppermint oil and calming music. 

Finally it was time to go in. I wasn't having any contractions so I was able to walk myself into the OR. It smelled wonderful from the peppermint. My surgeon was there who was also the same one I had been seeing the past couple appointments. Wow, I felt like if won the lottery getting the doula I knew and my actual doctor instead of people I'd never met. 

While they gave me the pain meds and prepped me, the doula stayed close by. Finally Ernest was able to come in. They got to work on me. It felt like they were poking and prodding me forever, then...

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