30 Days of Thanks: Day 12

A little late...

Today I'm thankful for motivation.

I woke up at 5am just so I could get in a workout before work. Lunch time workouts haven't been happening with too much other stuff and plain old laziness. I figure if I do it first thing, I have less time to talk myself out of it. With holidays quickly approaching, working out is a must. Here's hoping for another good morning tomorrow (it was a good morning today too!). 
Today I was motivated to finally take the licensing exam to become an Architect. This has been a fundamental internal struggle for me but I'm thisclose to doing it already so whats a few tests? My motivation to bite the bullet may not be the best (let's just say I'm extremely competitive) but the bottom line is I'm going to do it. As my coworker said, I'm 98% done with a long and arduous process (Bachelors, Masters degree and years of internship) that I owe it to myself to push that last 2% and finish what I started. So beginning January 2014 my friend and I are going to study again and actually sign up for a test. My goal is to finish all seven of them by May. I got this. Right?!?! Eeeeek! When I finish, I can actually call myself an Architect (capital 'A'). Boom!

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