30 Days of Thanks: Day 19

Yesterday (and everyday) I was especially thankful for my little smarty pants Autumn. She is picking up everything lately! She amazes me every.single.day.
She's known where her nose is for a while, so I tried to throw in eyes and tongue. I blinked my eyes a lot and would say eyes, she would repeat me exactly and then point to her eyes! I then stuck out my tongue and was just being silly and she would copy that too then point to her tongue! So this morning I thought I'd see how much she remembered, I said 'where are your eyes?' And she started blinking them really fast! OMG she's such a gem!
Another thing we've been working on is the 'ABC's'. In her baby noises, she goes 'aye, bee, cee, dada' and then makes all these other noises that sound like the rhythm of the alphabet. It's so cute! I'm just waiting to catch it on video. She can also blow her nose! I don't know why but this just blows my mind!
I am so thankful for my little baby genius and am truly amazed at all she knows, learns and picks up each and everyday. She is such a blessing!

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