30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

I write this little blog mostly for myself and so Autumn can look back on it someday too. I'm bad about actually journaling or writing stuff down but I almost always have my phone to document stuff. I'm never really sure who reads this or who really cares and I don't spend much time being an actual 'blogger'. So for anyone to read it is nice :) 
Tonight one of my besties, Renee, Voxered me (like walkie talkie) saying how she liked one of my posts. That it's nice for her to be able to read what's going on with everything since we don't get to see each other often. It helps make her feel like we're closer (physically) than we actually are since she lives in Austin. This just made my whole entire day!!! I love that we're able to connect in this way and that she's able to see Autumn grow and how life is changing!!  
So tonight I'm thankful for my dear friend Renee, this lil ole blog and to those of you who read it. Thank you! 
And Renee, please come visit ASAP!!! I miss you!!! 

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