30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

On this 6th day of thanks, I am beyond thankful for my little Autumn Jane! I feel so lucky and blessed to be her Mama and that she's all mine (ok, I share her with Ernest and all our family...sometimes!). Today also marks Autumn's 13 Month birthday (yes, that's a real thing). This little 13 month old is becoming more and more of a toddler and less and less of a little baby (waaaaaa!). 13 months of Autumn...
{height/weight} No exact stats but she has stretched out so much just in the last week! Her feet have also grown like crazy!
{diapers/clothes} Still in size 3 diapers. 12 month clothes fit her best, size 3 shoes. She is definitely too tall for anything smaller than 12 month. Some of her stuff is still too big tho and she managed to pull her arms out of her jammies the other night!
{eating} this is still a back and forth. Some meals she eats great, others, not so much. She is still THE pickiest eater on the planet! I've been buying a wide variety of food in small amounts to try and see what she likes. Making her food is near impossible because if I make a whole meal she doesn't like we're sol. So I'm just buying organic, healthy and fresh as much as possible. I've been dying to try these Veggie Mama Garden Pops to help get more veggies in her. I may need to whip up my own batch in the meantime. Has anyone tried these? Autumn's favorite food is by far pasta! Pasta in any form! 
{sleep} Praise the sleeping gods because we're back to our regularly scheduled sleep patterns! Autumn goes to bed around 7:15 until about 6:15. She was waking up at 7am but with the time change, it messed her up a bit. We did get quite the treat on Sunday and she slept in until 8:30am!

{teeth} I had been skeptical about the amber beads and was only putting them on her during the day. It wasn't really doing anything and she was playing with them a lot more. I decided to try leaving them on and now they are working wonders! She also doesn't notice it anymore and therefore doesn't play or pull at it. She has two new teeth popping through on top and hasn't been fussy, drooly or grumpy like she had been. Now she's up to almost 6 teeth. I'm a belieber believer in the amber beads! Autumn also loves brushing her teeth and holds onto her toothbrush for dear life and won't let go. Now the toothbrush is lost. Boo!

{milestones} Still not walking (no complaints here!). She is thisclose though and is getting much braver. If she's distracted, she'll stand by herself for quite a while until she realizes it then goes 'woah', haha. I'm thinking by next time this will change to 'walking'! For now she's just power crawling wherever she goes. 
{words} This kid is such a sponge and soaks up everything we say! Guess it's time to stop cussing. The best is still yuck but she's also added in burrrr (said in her raspy adorable little voice). She also says 'hot' which is highly exaggerated by opening her mouth as wide as it'll go, throwing her head back and whispering the 'h' in hot. It's adorable! Some other words...woah, wow and ba. I'm not quite sure what 'ba' is but she would not say anything else on Sunday. Perplexing. She also loves to say 'mmmmm' if she likes something she's eating. 
{personality} Girlfriend loves to play on the iPad, like it's her job, pulls up the music and busts a move! She puts her arms up and twists her wrists, clicks her tongue, claps, shakes her head then laughs like mad! Autumn also loves to make people laugh, gives big hugs and kisses and blows kisses too. She is just the sweetest thing ever! One of her newest things is blowing on her food to cool it down. I'm always doing that and telling her 'hot' so she does her exaggerated 'hot' then shakes her head and blows. Except she does it all.the.time. Food not necessary! haha.
{parents proud moment} arguing how the ABC song is sung on 'Super Why' (Autumn's morning cartoon). It's 'and t u v!'  Ugh, Ernest was right! Lol 
The belly monster
We are just having a blast with Autumn and love seeing all the new things she does everyday. I'm thankful for a happy and healthy little girl!!

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