30 Days of Thanks: Day 7

Today is Thursday which means it's Grandma Kathleen's day to watch Autumn. She gets up bright and early to meet Ernest halfway to pickup Autumn then meets me (or my mom) after work to pickup the babe. This is day #2 of this scenario in addition to Tuesday's when she also watches Autumn at our house. That's three days a week she watches Autumn for us. How lucky are we?!

Once we found out we were having a baby, Ernest and I were pretty hell bent on having family watch her. He grew up with his family watching him and that's what he wanted for Autumn. We have been incredibly fortunate to have our family step up, rearrange their schedules, make sacrifices on their end, just to watch our baby girl. I know they all love watching her, but still, there's a lot that goes into that.
When Aunt Lucy wasn't able to watch Autumn anymore, Grandma Kathleen (Ernest's mom) offered to watch her the two additional days a week. This meant baby girl could stay with family the whole week still. What a relief!!!
Autumn adores her Grandma Kathleen!!! The days she meets Ernest, Autumn gets to go to work with Grandma K at the family beauty shop. She loves it there!! She gets to visit with all the people, color, play with her Auntie and cousins, gets visits from her littlest cousin Peyton and of course spends time with Grandma. Autumn has such a blast! And for us, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing your whole world is in good-loving hands. 
So today, I am incredibly thankful for Grandma Kathleen, all the love she has for Autumn and all that she does for us! She is truly such a kind-hearted woman who is always thinking about other people and just adores Autumn. We are so lucky that Autumn gets to spend so much time with such a wonderful woman. We will forever be grateful for Grandma K!
A few things I learned from this post...
1. Of all the 5 million pictures I have of Autumn, I could only find 4 pictures of Autumn with Grandma K! Four. I have every facial expresion Autumn has made since birth but that's about it.
2. I need to start taking more pics of Autumn with people other than me (we love our shamless selfies).
3. I now know why people have multiple kids. That first year goes by way too fast and all you want are those itty bitty baby years back! I love the age Autumn is in now but she is just growing way too fast!!
4. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep because of #3. Kidding...maybe.

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