30 Days of Thanks: Days 25-30

I am really not cut out for this whole blog everyday thing. And, I absolutely cannot believe that a. it's already day 30 and b. That Christmas is only 25 (and a few hours) away! Pinch me. 

Even the days I haven't written my thanks, I've still reflected back on the day mentally and I truly am grateful for so much. Most days, I could write out a million and one things I'm thankful for. The big things, the small things and everything in between. 

Now to the last few days..,Thanksgiving was awesome! We started bright and early with the Macy's parade, coffee and lots of cuddles. Thank goodness for technology because we were able to facetime with my parents and grandparents who were out of town. It was so cool for them to see Autumn! 
We got to Ernest's grandparents around noon, ate, looked through all the ads, watched Autumn bust a move and be a little ham. The food was amazing! Even better than that, we didn't have anywhere else to be the rest of the day!! I don't think this has ever happened!! Our families live about an hour and a half apart so we're usually shuffling between at least three houses. Not this year and it was glorious!! We were able to relax, visit and stuff our faces...twice at the same table. I know this may not seem like a big deal but Ernest and I loved every second! I think Autumn did too because she got in her regular nap. It truly was such a wonderful day. 
Friday Ernest had to work, so Autumn, Jack and I went for a walk with my Aunt Carol and Alan. It was beautiful but the breeze was freezing so we cut it short. It was still really nice to get out and burn off some of those turkey day calories! We did a little shopping for necessities but didn't get into the whole Black Friday craziness. It's just not my thing. 

Online is really my forte and I finally bit the bullet and got Autumn some Freshly Picked moccs for Christmas! Although, she'll probably wear them sooner cuz I'm anxious for her to sport them. 
Today we did some more Christmas decorating and just hung out at home all day. There was lots of eating, crafting, napping and playtime. Somedays it's nice just to be at home all day. I'm so thankful for our new house! It's so cozy and loving. Everyday I love it a little more! 
We also enjoyed the beautiful weather today. 
I truly have a blessed life and this 30 Days of Thanks has reminded me of all there is to be thankful for. Everyday brings another blessing and I am so thankful for everything in my life! 
P.S. On a totally unrelated note, we found out a couple hours ago that Paul Walker (of Fast and Furious) died today. I really liked him as an actor and he was so handsome! I'm sad for his daughter, family and friends. I pray for him and all his family. Tonight we had pumpkin pie in bed and watched Fast and the Furious in rememberence of Paul Walker ( the pie had nothing to do with him, haha). RIP Paul Walker :( 

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