30 Days of Thanks (Days 1-4)

I've seen people doing this 30 days of thanks in the past. My friend Tara and her family are blogging about it again this year. I remember reading theirs last year and thinking it was such a wonderful idea. It's still a wonderful idea and I'm going to partake this year. We get too busy in our lives and too consumed with everything around us, sometimes you just need to remember all you have and write out what you're thankful for.

I'm a few days late in starting this 30 days but here are the past few days. 

{Day 1} Not gonna lie, Friday was a rough day at work. Really rough. Sometimes you run into personalities and problems that are just too much to deal with. So I'm thankful for Starbucks being right across the street and for my friend Katie always willing to accompany me over there. It's not so much the coffee, but just the 5 or 10 minute break to vent, not talk about work and just get some fresh air. And, it always helps me feel better, even for just a few moments. 
{Day 2} The power to say 'yes'. I was thisclose to bailing out on the Bacon Fest with my parents on Saturday. Mostly, I was just in a foul mood, but decided to go anyways and I'm glad that we did. We had a great time! And really, bacon and beer, who can say no to that?! I was pleasantly surprised that my Uncle Mike and Aunt Cora (with Kahleb and his buddies) were there too. The weather was beautiful, we were in great company and we got to eat bacon. Winning.
Classy lady
{Day 3} Thankful for my Mom. She is my best friend. I just love her so much, no matter what. I would be lost without her.
{Day 4} Thankful for bath time and a sense of humor, especially today. We went to the grocery store after I picked up Autumn. As we're walking to checkout, I smelled an all too familiar foul smell. Yup, she took a shit at the grocery store and there was nowhere to go. The diapers were in the car and I had a cart full of food. So we checked out and I pretended that I didn't want to vomit. I was totally that mom with the smelly shitty diaper kid. When we got home I realized why it smelled so bad...because it was up her entire back just short of her hair! The groceries waited as she had an emergency bath. Oh well, shit happens. 


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    1. Yes, it's an amber bead necklace to help with teething. So far, it really seems to be helping! She's popping another tooth and hasn't had all the symptoms like she was before :)

  2. Wow how awesome! I have a teething baby right now, I will have to check them out.

    1. They've actually been really helpful! I was skeptical at first and I was taking it off at night so it wasn't really working. Now, I've been leaving it on 24/7 and it's done wonders! She's popping two more teeth up top and hasn't had all the teething symptoms like she was. This is where I bought mine from:

  3. Haha...shit happens! :) Love it. I'm sure you didn't at the time, though.

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