Day 14

Late again posting, oops!

Yesterday I was super thankful that I was able to get in for a last minute hair appt. My hair is SO cray post-pregnancy! My rats nest, scarecrow hair was getting out of control and I could barely even see past my bangs.

I have yet to find a stylist that I jive with since mine of 7 years left last year for NYC. I had an appointment Wednesday night with a girl who had messed up my color and turned it purple! I never would have kept the appointment but I got her name mixed up with another lady. So I stayed because I was desperate for a cut but she was running 30 minutes late. There is nothing that bugs me more than people who waste my time. If I was that late to my appt. I would have been forced to reschedule. I had to bail since I already had to have a babysitter longer than normal. I still had scarecrow hair.

purple hair, don't care?
Long story short, I finally got another appointment and went to Casa Verde and the girl was awesome! She was on-time (huge in my book!), super nice, took time cutting my hair and best of all her schedule works with mine. I'm going back next week to get a color touch-up and to add some low-lights.

I know hair is not a big deal in the big scheme of things. This is more about being thankful for good customer service, good-kind people and hopefully finding a hairstylist that I can stick with for a long time to come. Fingers crossed I don't leave next week with purple hair (again)!

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