Day 17: Full Bellies

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving...twice.  First at my parents house then at Ernest's grandparents house. Can you say food coma?! Let me take the fork out of my mouth. Food coma!!

My parents are going to my Grandparents house and since Ernest works Black Friday (as I shop), we're pretty much stuck at home. His Grandparents will be in Vegas visiting friends and we were celebrating his Dads birthday, hence two early Turkey Days. 

I started the morning off by making two pumpkin pies, from scratch. 
While they baked, Autumn and I watched I started the morning off by making two pumpkin pies, from scratch. While they baked, Autumn and I watched Elf in our Christmas pjs and sipped some coffee with candy cane bits. The pies came out fab! Elf in our Christmas pjs and sipped some coffee with candy cane bits. 
The pies came out fab! 

My parents had an absolute feast with all the fixings! We ate, chatted and enjoyed each other's company. Even Autumn got in on the action! She LOVED the green bean casserole and cranberries. In true Autymn fashion, she spit out any turkey we tried sneaking in! Haha. 
After we ate, Daddy took Autumn for a ride in her little car while my mom and I talked yarn. 
Did I mention we have a goat?! She's about 30 inches long, 21 lbs and has dark brown hair. Her name is...Autumn! Yes, my kid likes to eat my yarn like she's a goat!! Really?! I have to actively keep yarn out or her mouth. Baaaaad girl! 
Thanksgiving is always a shuffling act of going from house to house, even on fake Thanksgiving there was no exception. Somehow our two fams scheduled on the same day so we had to leave my parents house after too short a time. 
There was no way I could stuff my mouth at Ernests fams anymore so we just visited and watched some football. Autumn was hamming it up and having everyone take her for rides in her little car. Everyone can't get enough of little miss!! 

Once we got home, Ernest started a fire and Autumn helped. The babe is sound asleep, we're snuggled up enjoying the roaring fire and our bellies are full. 
We are ao thankful for our families, an abundance of love and for each other! 
P.S. This whole early Thanksgiving day did not help my strong urge for everything Christmas!! I think I'll give in this weekend. Dare me! 

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  1. Love those polka dot Christmas jammies! And at least now you have the running around done and you guys can just be lazy on actual Thanksgiving day!