Day 10- Sunday Funday

I am oh so thankful for Sunday Funday!  We started the morning off early, but Autumn let us sleep in a bit.

I finally finished thank you notes from her birthday...over a month ago. Better late than never right? 
I did some knitting and made Autumn this little scarf. 
We went to breakfast at Ernest's fams house which is always delish. Autumn played in the leaves and we enjoyed the beautiful weather. She was skeptical of the leaves at first then couldn't get enough of them. 
Ernest chopped some wood for our new fireplace. Chop your own wood and it'll warm you twice

I had some solo time and got more yarn and curtains. Too bad I only bought one panel to the curtains! And didn't realize it til I got home. Duh!!

We hung some pictures, shelves and other decorations in Autumns room. Her room is just about complete! A few more pictures to hang, her mobile, the curtains and it'll be good to go! 
Autumn helped me hang stuff. Clearly she had everything figured out. 
My favorite part of the day was when Ernest started a fire in our big ole fireplace in our room. It felt like we broke in our house. Autumn LOVED the fire! She kept saying 'hot, hot, hot' and blowing. Hehe. 
Ernest went to go pickup dinner and we just sat in front of the fireplace quietly. It was the most still she'd been all day. Mesmerized is a good word to describe her. It was super cozy. I can't wait til we can make s'mores!!!! After we started the fire, it came quite apparent that we're ill prepared for a fireplace considering we didn't even have a poker thing or anything else!! We need a fireplace set stat! 
Another full day and oh so much to be thankful for! 


  1. What a gorgeous fireplace! And I'm loving the prints in her room!

  2. Love this post! We haven't made a fire yet this year, but I hope Mac has the same great reaction. And I can't wait for indoor smores too!