Thankful for days 19-24

This whole blogging everyday thing is much harder than it looks. I'm a few days behind, oops. #idowhatiwant
So here are days 19-22...errr, 24. Started writing this Friday but got sick and didn't finish. 

It seems like the last few months have been jam packed with birthdays, parties, pictures, moving, unpacking, more parties, etc. etc. etc. Every.single.moment of every day has been filled with something to do. I hate to sound complainy about that because all of those things were so fun and filled with so much joy. But sometimes, it's nice to not have to do anything.

I've enjoyed a week filled with only stuff I wanted to do...like playing with Autumn until bedtime, knitting, sitting on the couch watching TV (this almost never happens anymore!), and enjoying solo time with Ernest. It's been a blissful week!
I am also thankful for my loves. They surprised me the other morning and sent flowers to my work. I arrived Thursday morning to some beautiful 'Autumn' roses. Such a wonderful surprise!
Friday we had our annual work Thanksgiving pot-luck. Last year I missed the pot-luck because I was on maternity leave. The day before, I was released to drive by myself so I packed Autumn up and we came to work so I could show her off. This year, I participated in the pot-luck, brought some cheesy potatoes and ate my weight in food. It was such a wonderful meal with great co-workers. I'm so lucky to work for such a great company! I hadn't been feeling good all Friday and all that food didn't help. Unfortunately I must have caught some sort of bug and was so sick the rest of Friday. Good thing my Dad was watching Autumn so I was able to rest. 
The rest of the weekend...had dinner with some old girlfriends. It was great catching up! Even Autumn had a blast gabbing with the girls and eating spaghetti off the table. 
Satruday Ernest and Autumn had some time together while I had a movie date with my mom to see Catching Fire. It was awesome!! Although, I was super distracted by all the amazing knits that Katniss was wearing! I know, double nerd. Then we went shopping and had lunch at my favorite hole in the wall. 

Saturday night we all snuggled by the fire and had some sushi! I don't think it gets better than that! 

This morning Autumn woke up at 5am! Maybe she was so excited it snowed?! From there, she was busy dancing, singing and screaming the day away! Girlfriend loves to bust a move and it may be the cutest thing ever! 
Tonight another cozy fire, tons of giggles, singing and dancing...our house is a happy home. So much to be thankful for everyday. Life is good great!

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